How to Write a Good Testimonial for a Business

Leading a business fair is always a grateful thing.

You can easily get good testimonials from your clients.

But be patient to study how to write a testimonial for a business. It is tricky if you are not aware of special techniques that we are going to talk about in this article.

Many clients would praise your business willingly but not all of them know how to compose decent words to drag other potential clients to your website.

If you learn the technique of writing testimonials for a business, you can definitely explain your client the whole process, or write a testimonial for him to approve it before posting on your website.

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Step 1: Describe the advantage of a business

Let them think about how your service or product made their life better. It is quite an easy question if it really worked for them. A persuasive pro testimonial shows the real influence your service had to grow the business. It also demonstrates your future clients the reason why they should consider your services/products.

You may also ask some helping questions, for example, what was their major problem at the beginning and how your services helped them.

Step 2: Eliminate doubts about your business

The first part is not everything you need for your testimonial. It is very important to show why you are distinguished.

There will be many objections and doubts when your future clients choose a service they want to hire or a product they want to buy. There will be no trust. Maybe some people will think you are too expensive or not very popular.

Your task is to explain to your previous successful clients how to write a good testimonial and to overcome possible objections. Everyone thinks a lot before to spend the money. That is why everything depends on the way your testimonials explain why those hesitations are useless.

In order to show the way of writing a testimonial for a company that would be convincing, you should ask why your clients hesitated before to hire you and how was the true experience with you afterward.

Step 3: Try to be as precise as possible

Avoid being sugary – this kind of testimonials never sounds too catchy and believable. When you write your testimonial example based on what your client says, it is always better to be concrete and to talk uniquely about the business.

If it is difficult to measure the impact of your cooperation with the client, the testimonial widget can still be very up-to-date. Ask your client to tell numbers or any specific situations that your cooperation resulted in.

Step 4: Don’t forget about the location of your testimonials

For some reason, many websites hide the testimonials they have. They make a dedicated page or specific pop-up elements on product pages.

To increase the selling power of your testimonials try too:

So, that is how it works. Never be afraid to ask for testimonials. Guide your clients to let them learn how to write a testimonial.

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