How to do Testimonials Marketing on Social Media

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What do you know about social media marketing plan?

It is a plan of how you proceed when implementing your marketing strategy. It will include work on different social media and types of activity. It also includes the audit which is usually done before to start the process. The plan should include all tasks you want to proceed with on the way to your business promotion. It is recommendable to make it more specific with methods and tools you will be using in order to facilitate its implementation.

In general, if you develop your plan in a really detailed way, it will be quite effective for your business development. Try to stick to it as much as possible. Your strategy and its implementation must coincide. This plan will be not only a set of steps on the way to progress but also a scale of how your results measure.

As soon as we are talking about testimonial marketing, they will be the most powerful plan of your current plan.

Define your plan: 

  • Set accessible and efficient social media goals;
  • Develop a perfect testimonial strategy and templates for its implementation;
  • Investigate, assess, and improve your social media marketing strategy in order to get better results.


  • What types of testimonials you would like to post on your social media profiles;
  • How regularly you will place testimonials;
  • What is your target audience;
  • How you will promote the testimonials after.

Step #1: Define the goals you want to reach with social media testimonials

Although it is very difficult to control what kind of testimonials you will get and where they will be put, you can definitely influence it. First of all, try to pass your clients a clear understanding that you’d really like to get testimonials from them and how to write those testimonials. If they are well guided through the whole process, you will be pleased to see perfect feedbacks as a result.

When choosing a place to put client testimonials, you should be based on your preliminary plan. It should be done on a regular basis and, if possible the most fruitful time when people are very attentive and ready for some new information. Try to publish the most successful testimonials first and to underline them in order to draw attention.

Step #2: Move according to priorities for different media channels

Define the priority for this period of promotion and try to always check with your priority, goals, and plan. Testimonials should be the main content on your channels. Try to render them as natural but sticky as possible. Each fifth post might be dedicated to some fresh testimonial or video review.

 Differentiate the information according to social media channel you promote your business on. For example, on Instagram it is better to communicate company brand and culture. It is a perfect way for fancy visualization of your text, image and video testimonials.

Don’t just focus on likes and reactions to your posts. Try to see beyond the post engagement of your social media profile. If your marketing strategy is focused on business goals support and ROI improvement, it is not enough to implement it by placing testimonials on your social media.

Step #3: Conduct audits of your competitors’ social media profiles

In order to have a clear picture of your competitors’ tactics, you should spend extra hours weekly and consider what they implement to make their social media profiles better. Every social account representing a business can be a perfect example of how testimonials win user attention on social media.

Who runs improved campaigns throughout the web, has better chances to struggle emerging competitors as well as new customers with their needs.

You can get tons of inspiration even from your clients. Ask people what they want to see on your profile pages. Be ready to listen to what they tell you. It provides you a better understanding of how you differ from competitors and what appealing prospects you can offer to your clients.

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