How a Testimonial Plugin Helps You Boost Traffic

Expand a business is a very tough task that requires a lot of creativity. Nowadays, with all online marketing tools, we can develop a really sophisticated promotional strategy. Most often it is based on several channels that are more likely to be favorable for a business. How to define it? Usually, we study competitors to understand what kind of traffic is easier to get. It is also possible to predict based on one’s experience and industry knowledge.

The measure that all business owners consider in their promotion and business development is the conversion rate. It means how many visitors came to the website and finally completed the target action.

Why is the conversion rate so important for businesses?

Basically, it shows how efficient your service is and is your online marketing strategy is good enough to complete business goals. Moreover, through conversion rate analysis you will see the following:

Conversion rate brings a brilliant answer to all these questions.

How will testimonials help you to improve conversion rate?

The thing is that your client reviews are stories that include lots of details helpful to change focus if necessary. After asking right questions to the customers, you will know exactly your business advantages and disadvantages. You will also understand what clients want to see more and what features to introduce in your next product updates.

This valuable information placed on your website after gathering testimonials will be a signpost for your business development.

It is also important how customers write feedbacks. Sometimes, you will need to deal with unpleasant testimonials. You should get ready to any situation on the way to attract clients to your website.

How can a testimonial plugin help you?

As an automated version of all the work that needs to be done to achieve decent testimonial marketing results, professional testimonial plugin includes features to facilitate the process.

These WordPress plugins can:

  • implement a neat testimonial page design that is important for user experience;
  • enrich reviews with stars, ratings, and photo – it will definitely play for user behavior signals and let your customers stay on the website longer;
  • ensure a smooth installation with the help of widgets and short codes;
  • offer a quick edition of fonts, backgrounds, and testimonial elements;
  • improve SEO optimization of client feedbacks;
  • adjust them into a neat slider on the front page;
  • show more features that will be useful.

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