Why Testimonials Are So Important to Growing Your Business

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As a new marketer in the middle of an enormous online and e-commerce revolution, it is fairly easy to get lost in the crowd. Your assumption about measuring the customer engagement level might be itself flawed. Instead of using WordPress testimonial plugin to emphasize on customer experience, you might be simply relying on tracking article views of your WordPress site.

Wordpress Testimonial Plugin

Now is the time to leverage the power of your WordPress testimonial plugin to attract new customers and measure their site reading time and other page engagement statistics. You might be shocked to know that a recently conducted study by HubSpot showed that for around 55% of online customers, the marketer has a maximum of 15 seconds to impress.

Still don’t believe in the importance of having an effective WordPress testimonial plugin? Have a look at this interesting McKinsey article. Back in April 2010, it provided hard evidence to demonstrate that a significant portion of all purchasing decisions are driven by word-of-mouth publicity.

Below we list out five key reasons to consider using an appropriate WordPress testimonial plugin to gather and display customer opinion that can be valued by others.

1) To Be Closer To Your Target Audience

It’s no surprise that today individuals are discussing about various brands in online platforms more than ever before. Here is a great article that highlights the scientific evidences to back up this notion.  Such is the importance of online reputation that even the upcoming US election campaign from Hillary Clinton has started taking social proof seriously.

For an online marketer, it would be wise on your part to make the best use of your favorite WordPress testimonial plugin to positively impact customer loyalty and the product or service acceptance rates. More importantly, you can turn your best customers into your best salespersons by providing incentives to them for spreading the good word about your brand. For start-ups with immense potential, here is a useful explanation of this logic that highlights the tremendous benefits of relevant referral programs. You can also seek inspiration from the likes of PayPal and Dropbox that thrived under referral programs in their initial days.

2) To Use WordPress Testimonial Plugin To Understand And Ease Out Customer Concerns

You must have figures out by now that the primary reason why new customers shy away from your website is uncertainty and trust related issues. Besides, as a new customer I might even avoid a new website simply because there is no evidence to showcase credibility or there is no way to compare and evaluate different choices. So make sure to use every aspect of your WordPress testimonial plugin to place customer feedback and suggestions. This should instil and reinforce confidence in your customers about owing your brand of products and services.

And don’t worry about screw-ups! Nobody is perfect and you are bound to make mistakes that might anger a few customer. The key is to gain back their trust and here is an awesome article on how you might achieve this. Have a look at this comprehensive list  of survey results and expert opinion that try hard to make you realize how poor customer experience can cost your business.

3) To Draw Attention By Engaging, Equipping And Empowering Customers

These jargons are not limited to their application to traditional forms of marketing. Today, you have to specifically devise your customer engagement programs around these traditional frameworks. For instance, see how Orange used a gamification strategy to display its customer’s travel plans in Hollywood style in its blog posts. Arsenal FC soccer club is known to give good reasons to its fans to discuss about the brand through interactive Twitter updates. Walkers also used a social competition to invite customer entries for an entirely new flavour that was supposed to be launched as a new brand by the company.

There is a reason why such unique forms of promotional campaigns work. Its customer engagement! Glance through this video to see how effectively 65daigou – a Singapore based logistics partner for Chinese and Taiwanese goods – manages and cares for its customer testimonials. And there are no reasons why you cannot make it happen. Just make sure to lay hands on the right type of WordPress testimonial plugin to capture traditional customer opinion or facilitate gamification-led campaigns to elicit customer response.

4) To Reach Out To The Right Demography Of The Target Audience

Although you might give customer demographics a secondary priority while considering factors to drive up sales, research might disagree with you. Check out here to see how high-income American households give more importance to online reviews than that can be offered by low-income households. Moreover, if your target market is technology savvy professionals, you might benefit by customizing your products for the US and Turkish citizens as they tend to heavily rely on online reviews to finalize buying decisions.

The key takeaway is to customer your WordPress testimonial plugin to match the pre-purchase behaviour of your online customers. Be specific to address the needs of specific demographics. With this, you can definitely create a win-win situation for all.

5) To Compliment Google’s Products And Services Search

Despite the dominance of Google’s search engine for majority of the purchase decisions, you might be wondering to what extent personal customer interaction approaches can work out. Well, going by this 2014 Pardot report, it seems that almost 29% of customers planning to buy a business related product would look beyond Google to base their final decision.

It seems that digital messaging and trust building exercises should be adopted by online marketers in a move to influence the overall buying decision of customers. Having an appropriate WordPress testimonial plugin might go a long way in capturing, measuring and managing your customer opinion and engagement related parameters.

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