WordPress Testimonial Rotators: Which One’s the Best and How to Set Up

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Let’s admit it. WordPress testimonial plugins are a must to garner customer recognition in the middle of an explosive e-commerce market. Now that we have recognised their importance and discussed their basic features, it is time to dig deeper. For instance, WordPress testimonial rotators are a great way to customize and display customer testimonials in a slideshow-like format.

Wordpress Testimonial Rotators

With WordPress testimonial rotators, you can save valuable website space while having the ability to display multiple customer testimonials. Besides, automatic slide or rotation makes it easier for the website visitor to have a quick look at the range of opinion your website has received over time. However, as shown in this article, care must be taken to avoid over-killing by trying to stuff too much content in a limited space. Only the relevant and the most potential testimonials should be made part of the rotating feature.

Next we list out the various features and set-up procedure of the some of the relevant WordPress testimonial rotators.

Available Options for WordPress Testimonial Rotators

Among the several variants of WordPress testimonial rotators, Cyclone Slider 2 stands out in terms of the number of active download and high user ratings. The other relevant WordPress testimonial rotators include Testimonials Widget, Handsome TestimonialsTestimonial Rotator, Flexi Quote Rotator, and Testimonials Slider.

What sets apart Cyclone Slider 2 from the rest is its template system that significantly enhances customization through testimonial plugins. For each slideshow, you can either choose a template from the repository or create one to suit your specific needs. Besides, the familiarity of the slide interface with that of typical WordPress posts makes room for an easy learning curve. This along with drag and drop features make the Cyclone Slider 2 suitable for even the most amateur website operator.

Speaking of the customizable features, the Cyclone Slider 2 empowers the user to benefit from its dynamic interface. Simply put, slideshow dimensions can adjust themselves to the changing screen size or device type. So you don’t have to worry about ensuring your customer’s testimonial viewing experience on a smartphone, tablet or a PC.

The other worry that you might have in your mind about the ability to create a wide variety of testimonials is also taken care of by the Cyclone Slider 2. Not only does it allows the integration of images and videos but also it offers the option to include your own HTML codes to customize slides. Still not fascinated? Well, unlike other typical WordPress testimonial rotators, the Cyclone Slider 2 can let you create multiple instances of the same slideshow within the same page. And each of them can have its own set of customized settings. Moreover, there is an option to make your website testimonials appear in a random order with every page load.

The best part of this plugin is that the developer has made it free given its immense popularity among WordPress users.

Another alternative to the Cyclone Slider 2 is the Testimonials Widget that allows you to customize and slide mixed content (i.e. text, image and video) altogether. Moreover, with the help of shortcodes and theme functions, you can easily place rotating list of testimonials anywhere within the webpage. There is a cool option to filter slideshows by WordPress’s categories and tags, thus allowing a new user to navigate through any specific query. The premium version of the Testimonials Widget provides support for user submitted testimonial, star ratings, RSS feeds, caching facility and the use of WordPress posts type for testimonials, among others.

In case you are looking for premium WordPress testimonial rotators, Handsome Testimonials is another great option. The best part of this plugin is its simple to use front-end submission form via which customers can submit their opinion. Dedicated email support team and an active development team ensures that upcoming features, such as ready-made design templates and custom CSS box to further customize, are regularly incorporated.

The Way To Set Up WordPress Testimonial Rotators

In order to setup any plugin on your WordPress site, you must have the administration access to your website. Then you need to download the testimonial plugin. Keep the .zip file of the plugin handy in order to upload in your website. Login to your WordPress account and under the Plugins tab select ‘Add new’. There is an upload link where you can upload the plugin .zip file and activate the same.

Another way to set up the WordPress testimonial rotators is to use your FTP server and upload your unzipped plugin files. Once uploaded, you can activate the plugin by logging into WordPress admin account.

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