5 Best Places to Insert Customer Testimonials in WordPress

It’s no more a corporate jargon when you say “Customers are king”. In particular, this is inevitable for online businesses. In this topic we mostly focus on how to make the best use of your WordPress testimonial plugin and strategically highlight the testimonials to increase website traffic and generate leads.

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Worrying about the fact that you have spent your valuable time building up a relevant product or service? If you are sure that the value proposition of your product or service is something that your customers care, chances are they will be happy. Given the right opportunity and access to a WordPress testimonial plugin, you stand a good chance of generating and capturing useful customer testimonials. For this , you should have the right intent and a relatively straightforward way of capturing customer testimonials through a WordPress testimonial plugin. Check here to see how proper incentive and motivation led drives can enable customers to continue interacting with you even after buying a product or service.

Today, customer buying behavior is highly influenced by the opinion of others who have already tried out the product or service. Projecting an accurate and honest public image has become imperative to positively impact a customer’s buying decision. Such is the importance that companies such as Amazon and Belkin had to ensure that they acted against providers of fake customer testimonials on their e-commerce sites.

Below we have listed out five best ways to place testimonials using a WordPress testimonial plugin. An optimized way to place testimonials can be a great way to build trust with new customers before they even think of buying your products and services.

Wordpress Testimonial Plugin

1) Put The Testimonials Near To The Place Most Valued By Customers

Before you engage in any sort of analysis to decide the appropriate locations, you should know what and how your customers search on the website. The first and foremost thing is to understand how a particular section of your site can be viewed differently by customers. By doing so, you will be in a much better position to convert casual website visitors into valuable customers. One thumbrule is to utilize the capability of your WordPress testimonial plugin to place testimonials closer to the most valuable sections of your site. This “value” can have different forms ranging from a simple form asking for email to the “Add to cart” button.

In order to consider specific examples, you can check here how WikiJob.co.uk improved its sales by more than one-third by placing straightforward and sober customer testimonials at the right places.

In another case, comScore could increase its new leads by around 69 percent just by including a logo of prominent clients. This substantially led to an increase in the number of requests for product demonstrations.

2) Use Your WordPress Testimonial Plugin To Sprinkle Customer Testimonials Throughout The Site

Ideally, your WordPress testimonial plugin should have a provision to make your customers view one or the other testimonial from anywhere within your website. Fundamentally you have two options. Firstly, you can have a separate section dedicated to your customer testimonials. If that doesn’t sound good, you can use snippets of customer comments throughout the website. One of the best ways to build up credibility is to use the power of a WordPress testimonial plugin to link each snippet to the main testimonial page.

Once you have gathered enough customer testimonials, you should try to create backlinks from these testimonials to direct customers to other relevant segments of the site. You can make every use of your WordPress testimonial plugin in simple yet influencing ways to connect with new customers. Customizing the testimonial content to highlight specific information is a great way to grab attention. Adding photographs and social media links to your website is another way to make customers curious about your website and its offerings.

Customer testimonials can be conveniently placed through the website. Among the comprehensive list of specific locations where these testimonials can be put, the important ones are discussed below.

  • Homepage – This shows that not only customers are your central focus but also you have an array of trustworthy customers.
  • Products/services page – It is an awesome place to boast about what past customers treasured and also some of their concerns. It is one of the most trusted ways by which new customers can put faith in your brand.
  • Landing page – A testimonial at every landing page has been proved in several cases to improve the customer conversion rate.
  • Check out page – Through relevant customer testimonials, you can assure a new customer about any specific concerns. These might be related to the cost of ownership, warranty claims and after sales service, among others.
  • Signup page – An extra dose of assurance through customer testimonials right within the signup page can work wonders for new customers.
  • Dedicated customer testimonials page – This page, which can consolidate all of your customer testimonials, should ideally have a right mix of brand logo and quotes from relevant customers. This section can be for those who are inquisitive to learn more about the kind of work and reputation you have earned over the years.
  • Blog page – This is a really nice place to improve the customer conversion rates. Two of the recommended ways include placing social media widgets to direct customers to the main site (as done by TINT) and creating blog posts around actual customer success stories (as done by HootSuite).

3) Highlight The Relevance of Testimonials Within The Products/ Service Section

It is particularly difficult for e-commerce start-ups to build an online reputation. The reason? This is simply because of growing prevalence of phishing scams and malware. Because of these cyber threats, knowledgeable customers become wary about clicking on anonymous sites with little or no reputation.

However, this is not all that bad. Start-ups can create unique opportunities from these threats. They can showcase their top-notch product and service related customer testimonials on their products section of the site. Using the right kind of WordPress testimonial plugin to display relevant information can make a huge difference. This can be a unique way to instill confidence about new products and services in the minds of new customers. Have a look here to find how MVMT Watches is trying to add social proof to convince customers into buying its products.

4) Mass Customize Testimonials On Signup And Checkout Sections

Who hasn’t heard about mass customization? But its application is no more limited to product and service offerings. When it comes to educate new customers, mass customization can play a key role in developing and delivering the right content. This is particularly important for the millions of online customers who are often not sure what they are looking for or what is more valuable to them compared to various alternatives.

Going by this notion it is important for you, as an online marketer, to display tailor-made opinion about your offerings. So you can easily make the best use of a WordPress testimonial plugin to shoot out customized testimonials toward a particular category of customers. However, be mindful of the fact that understanding customer segmentation in terms of age, geographic location or product/service preference will be crucial here.

Additional statistics about past customers can be a cool way to encourage herd mentality. Although this may not be applicable for all customer groups, there are groups where this strategy may be relevant. For instance, showing that 5,000 customers signed up in last week or that 10,000 units of a particular product were already sold, millennials can be made to think twice about their final decision. As millennials are driven by social proof more than any other groups, their buying behavior can be influenced with the help of an adaptable WordPress testimonial plugin.

5) Use WordPress Testimonial Plugin To Display Videos And Case Studies In Landing Pages

As the business matures and attains success, you are likely to have more than one marketing and promotional medium. Always try to leverage the combined power of these multiple channels to boost customer engagement. Research shows that communicating social proof with the interactive actions of a crowd can enhance the “me too” factor for new customers.

A great way to build a commendable landing page is to show customer testimonials with which a new user can immediately relate to. Having a WordPress testimonial plugin that allows the embedding of short and relevant tweets from a reputed customer within the testimonial can be useful. This shows the legitimacy of a real person who can be easily searched on Twitter. Another use of your WordPress testimonial plugin can be to facilitate the incorporation of small video clipping of customers who can reveal the true professional nature. You can read more about how UserTesting.com and Unbounce successfully used tweets and video-based customer testimonials to their advantages.

Nevertheless, you can also have a WordPress testimonial plugin to incorporate case studies in your homepage. According to hubspot, a provision for slide-in click to action (CTA) can be made through which customers can explore more case studies in detail.

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