Examples of Best Written Website Testimonials

Writing a really good testimonial is an art. As far as not many people know how to create client feedback and success stories so that they convert well, we can testimony a low progress of testimonial marketing.

Before to implement any content marketing strategy, it is important to see some successful examples of testimonials. Some of them really dragged new visitors and promoted businesses.

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Similar testimonials and their role

It is most likely that you saw plenty of such examples online. Almost all these testimonials are made by the same people. Your potential customers will be definitely interested in listening to similar individuals. It always sounds engaging when you can identify the similarity between people who acquired a product. And if you are willing to choose this company too, probably it will have the similar effect on you.

It is time to evaluate which parts of your target audience are represented by people who are eager to leave a perfect testimonial.

If you identify each feedback with a photo or personal information – your campaign will have a double effect!

Testimonials from influential people

If you are ready for this time-consuming process, you may choose a few celebrities to aim at. It is not easy to get this kind of a testimonial but you should definitely try at least one. This is a really valuable content, especially when your website has just started to grow.

It is important to find the right approach to how you will be representing influential testimonials. It is way better to choose a topic or a layout in which people would talk for you.

When everything is ready – shoot! Find a story that would fit better into your website. The testimonial should render this story as realistic and smooth as possible.

As far as not all heavy testimonials work well, you should choose one or more influencers and see how it goes.

Combined testimonials

Online space has recently been conquered by an interesting technique that represents a new stage of testimonials. These are so-called feedback mixtures from several people put together into a splendid symbiosis.

They are usually represented in audio or video format as it makes easier to digest such testimonials. Short parts of speech from different people inserted at the beginning or in the middle of presentation company video work very well!

You can even combine a testimonial video clip designated to promote your company brand name.

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