Best Ways to Design a Testimonial Page

Blogfeaturedimage Best Ways To Design A Testimonial Page

Testimonials can be really powerful when speaking about a good online marketing strategy, It can be a part of it as well as the whole strategy itself. Together with other channels, they do a tremendous work on how to attract clients and sales. Thus, you should be very careful and reasonable before to submit any of your client feedback. Our set of articles can help you write a good testimonial as well as get a valuable review from your client as fast as an eye blink. This strategy is extremely effective for your company’s reputation. You control the process meanwhile, other people do the most part of work for you.

Tip # 1: Catchy visualization of your testimonials

The best way to visualize your testimonials on the website is to choose a perfect location. Usually, they are easily accessible from the homepage. If you make bigger testimonial snippets with high-quality photos and some nice words about your services below the image, it will produce a better effect on your potential customers.

The more elements you have – the better. You can include videos, quotes, cool sliders and more. Catchy visualization is number 1 to attract people’s attention.

Tip # 2: Neat structure and design

You can play with colors and contrasts in order to make your testimonials look even more attractive. Don’t forget that clean and neat design always inspires trust among your future customers.

If you prioritize your testimonials by dividing them into featured (video with logo and quote), ordinary (containing just logo and quote) and case studies (including some summary with a link to read more besides other elements) – it will have a better impact to your sales dynamics.

Tip # 3: Include all important elements

You can increase the power of your testimonials by including client and company names. Testimonial page layout is very important to locate the elements of your widget and to underline your call to action to potential clients. An attractive sidebar of your visualized reviews let customers think they are in right hands.

If you separate multiple testimonials in different tabs you can easily add as many elements as you can. Moreover, personalized testimonials with images can be a great way to be credible in front of your target audience.

Tip # 4: Testimonials should live in accordance with website layout

Client reviews represent an integral part of traditional website layout and design. If you implement them everywhere on the website, they will be absorbed into the whole structure. They will work as self-sufficient elements but will not interfere with the idea of your business at all.

Most companies prefer a simple layout: a list or some random snippets at the bottom of the page. But that is how real company brand name looks like! If you knew how important it was, you would think twice before submitting your client feedback. When you choose the way of how you represent customer feedback correctly, you appear on the list of companies who had success from building their testimonial marketing strategy.

Tip #5: Put testimonials throughout the website

Better not to hope that your potential customers will be looking for the testimonials. Try to place it everywhere on the website. Make it easier for people to learn more about your company. You can display them in sidebars or even at the top of the website. You can select the best ones and show them in more places.

By locating testimonials on every page, you make ensure that most of the visitors will know how trustworthy and reliable your company is.

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