Handsome Testimonials Pro 1.4 – Read More link, Sidebar Widgets, and Automated Character Limits

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently pushed out a new version of Handsome Testimonials Pro!

New Features

In this version, we’ve added a number of features that were requested by customers, including:

  • “Read More” link: add an optional “Read more” link to the end of any testimonial which takes the visitor to either another page on your site or another website altogether
  • Testimonial Character Limits: the ability to limit testimonial text to a character length of your choosing. Apply the limit to either a single testimonials or for a list of testimonials to ensure consistent height throughout a page/post/sidebar. Finally, apply it to a rotating block as well
  • Testimonial Widgets and Widget Instances: Ability to save design and configuration settings for a testimonial so that you can use it later in sidebar widget or on another page/post

Bug Fixes

Additionally, we made a number of improvements to the testimonial submission form default styling and fixed a bug that would prevented the ‘Leave a Reply’ box for some themes.

Next Release Plans

In our next release, we’ll be continuing to make strides with Handsome Testimonials Pro by adding a number of new designs, improvements to our star ratings system including the addition of Rich Snippets for better SEO, and a easy to configure interface for customizing your testimonial submission form, plus more.
Not using Handsome Testimonials Pro yet? Handsome Testimonials provides you with the absolute easiest way to customize and implement beautiful testimonials on your site in a snap!

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