10 Best Testimonials Plugins for WordPress

You have a great website with relevant content and features. You must be feeling awesome about the fact that your customers are happy. But then do you stop there? Your next move for business expansion would depend on your ability to increase website traffic and build trust. A great way to achieve this would be to highlight what your customers care about. In this regard, we find that testimonial generators can do wonders for you.

1) Handsome Apps

Our Favorite of the Testimonials Plugins We’re Reviewed

Okay, okay. So we’re a little bit biased. Yes, we developed Handsome Testimonials – but you can’t help us for being proud, can you??

Why are we so happy about Handsome Testimonials? We wanted to create a tool that can highlight the key insights from your customer’s feedback? With Handsome Apps, you can easily create great looking testimonials customized to your exact requirement. Be it color, design or font – you can have superior control over each of these elements right from the comfort of the plugin. (via Handsome Testimonials)

Handsome Testimonials, One Of The Best Wordpress Testimonials Plugins Out There

2) Testimonials Widget

In case you are thinking of a way to rotate various types of customer feedback within your website, this widget might do the trick. Interestingly, this shortcode compatible widget supports sliding of text-based testimonials. In addition, it comes handy while creating video and image slideshows. (via Testimonials widget)

Testimonials Widget

3) WP Customer Reviews

This open source plugin has several features to capture testimonials or reviews from different customers. This can be done from either a separate page or multiple pages. You will be amazed by the availability of various shortcodes, adjustable testimonial capture forms and the support for adding your own custom fields. (via WP Customer Reviews)

Wp Customer Reviews

4) Easy Testimonials

Ever wondered about capturing and displaying specific set of testimonials based on multiple themes on the same page? In this context, Easy Testimonials is one of those testimonials plugins that can be your savior. Simply put, it offers a convenient way to collect, filter, edit and display testimonials with images and ratings. (via Easy Testimonials)

Easy Testimonials

5) GC Testimonials

You can go for this plugin if you want to have an option to choose between static and dynamic display of testimonials. With this plugin you can also display the total number of testimonials you received. More importantly, you can direct customers to specific web pages. (via GC Testimonials)

6) Testimonial Rotator

Fond of an efficient testimonial rotator to which you can assign multiple testimonials? It would be a great way to rely on Testimonial Rotator for enjoying this feature along with other basic testimonial management aspects. (via Testimonial Rotator)

Testimonial Rotator

7) Testimonial Basics

Often, it might be cumbersome to create backup, restore and group related testimonials. We found this plugin to be useful in terms of offering several testimonial designs and having the provision to display ratings, captcha and gravatars. (via Testimonial Basics)

Testimonial Basics Plugin

8) HMS Testimonials

If creating your own templates and custom fields to capture and display testimonials excites you, you can opt this plugin. Despite lacking the bundled testimonial styling elements, this plugin can be made more useful when you add the appropriate CSS codes. (via HMS Testimonials)

9) Strong Testimonials

Need a testimonial manager with relevant customization fields and anti-spam options? Strong Testimonials can assist you in creating your style-sheets and testimonial slideshows. Besides, this simple testimonisls plugin is suited for both beginners and advanced users. (via Strong Testimonials)

Strong Testimonials

10) Clean Testimonials

Gone are the days when you used to get ready-made stuffs. Although prepaid templates lend stability to testimonial management tools, they restrict creativity. We particularly like the way this plugin allows powerful customization by developers. We found that WordPress shortcodes or built-in tool can be used to create and display testimonials anywhere in the webpage. (via Clean Testimonials)

Clean Testimonials

Whatever tool you choose, we would like to know more about the choices you make.




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