How to Build an Appointment Schedule with Delayed Email Reminders Using Gravity Forms

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Did you know that Gravity Forms can be made into a great appointment scheduler? Yes indeed! With a few additional plugins, Gravity Forms can become the perfect, yet clean and simple appointment schedule for your service based business. Moreover, with Gravity Forms' plethora of lead generation features, checkout options, and other marketing automation tools, Gravity [...]

Why I Built A LearnDash Membership Plugin Part 3

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Hi and welcome to this third and final part in this series on why I created what I believe to be one of the easiest, no-brainer ways of turning your LearnDash e-learning site into a fantastic and powerful membership website, without all the hassle and fuss.   In the first part of the series, I [...]

Why We Made Dashing Memberships: a Membership Plugin for LearnDash – P1

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We've been using LearnDash for our business for the past 3 years. Before we started with LearnDash, we had a mess of an e-learning membership website. Our site was built on Wishlist Member, a popular old membership plugin, which handled checkouts and protected all of our course content and videos. But the user experience was [...]

How a Testimonial Plugin Helps You Boost Traffic

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  Expand a business is a very tough task that requires a lot of creativity. Nowadays, with all online marketing tools, we can develop a really sophisticated promotional strategy. Most often it is based on several channels that are more likely to be favorable for a business. How to define it? Usually, we study competitors to understand [...]

5 Questions that Help You to Gather Testimonials

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  Business owners and webmasters always ask themselves a question: how to inspire and motivate their customers and users to leave testimonials. It can be a small note about how their service helped. Otherwise, it could be a bigger story with lots of details. It depends on how much time people have and how inspired they [...]

All You Need to Know About Online Testimonials Generation

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  It seems like in the upcoming year, the influence of testimonials will be crucial as compared to previous years of online marketing. First of all, more customers tend to read online reviews more often now than it was before. Secondly, those positive testimonials apparently have more impact on your business. Nowadays, 90% of your [...]

How to Use Testimonials in E-mail Marketing

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  E-mail marketing is a struggling way to promote your business. You should listen to every customer response and be ready to adjust your strategy according to their needs. There are several types of e-mails you can send to your clients in order to gently push them towards acquisition: Testimonial E-mail This kind of e-mail [...]

How to do Testimonials Marketing on Social Media

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What do you know about social media marketing plan? It is a plan of how you proceed when implementing your marketing strategy. It will include work on different social media and types of activity. It also includes the audit which is usually done before to start the process. The plan should include all tasks you [...]