16 03, 2017

How a Testimonial Plugin Helps You Boost Traffic

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Expand a business is a very tough task that requires a lot of creativity. Nowadays, with all online marketing tools, we can develop a really sophisticated promotional strategy. Most often it is based on several channels that are more likely to be favorable for a business. How to define it? Usually, we study competitors to understand what [...]

9 03, 2017

5 Questions that Help You to Gather Testimonials

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Business owners and webmasters always ask themselves a question: how to inspire and motivate their customers and users to leave testimonials. It can be a small note about how their service helped. Otherwise, it could be a bigger story with lots of details. It depends on how much time people have and how inspired they are [...]

2 03, 2017

All You Need to Know About Online Testimonials Generation

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It seems like in the upcoming year, the influence of testimonials will be crucial as compared to previous years of online marketing. First of all, more customers tend to read online reviews more often now than it was before. Secondly, those positive testimonials apparently have more impact on your business. Nowadays, 90% of your customers [...]

23 02, 2017

How to Use Testimonials in E-mail Marketing

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E-mail marketing is a struggling way to promote your business. You should listen to every customer response and be ready to adjust your strategy according to their needs. There are several types of e-mails you can send to your clients in order to gently push them towards acquisition: Testimonial E-mail This kind of e-mail should [...]

16 02, 2017

How to do Testimonials Marketing on Social Media

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What do you know about social media marketing plan? It is a plan of how you proceed when implementing your marketing strategy. It will include work on different social media and types of activity. It also includes the audit which is usually done before to start the process. The plan should include all tasks you [...]

9 02, 2017

How to Deal with Unpleasant Testimonials

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Most of the businesses publish their customer reviews not only on the website but also on third-party resources, so-called review websites. You can find many of them throughout the web, such as Yelp, TrustPilot, ConsumerSearch, SiteJabber, BBB and more. Once you create a profile on these websites, you can easily collect customer reviews and promote them. [...]

2 02, 2017

Tips for Sourcing and Gathering Testimonials

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  The amount and the quality of your client feedbacks represent the base of testimonial marketing. There are definitely some strategies that can be helpful for you to reveal the best sources and tactics to get your testimonials from clients, to put them on your website and to enrich your social media with them. So, [...]

26 01, 2017

How To Improve Your Social Media Signals With Testimonials

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Building brand awareness all over the network is a good plan when you start promoting your business. One of the very good strategies is writing testimonials as around 90 percent of people searching for quality services, are likely to pay attention to what other successful customers say about that. So, before to place any kind [...]

19 01, 2017

How to Grow a Business with Testimonials

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Google Algorithms change all the time as for evaluating the websites. Years ago it was strictly based on link amount and quality. With time it transformed into strong content principles followed by many websites to meet Google requirements. However, right now search engines mostly take into account behavioral signals and user experience. Previously neglected factors, [...]

12 01, 2017

Effective Testimonials Design Examples

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How to find a good way to persuade the audience to buy your products? At the moment there is no better way to do that but testimonial marketing itself. People usually look for social proof before to buy a product or acquire a service. They can hesitate a lot when making the right choice as [...]