How To Improve Your Social Media Signals With Testimonials

Building brand awareness all over the network is a good plan when you start promoting your business. One of the very good strategies is writing testimonials as around 90 percent of people searching for quality services, are likely to pay attention to what other successful customers say about that. So, before to place any kind of reviews around your product it is important to filter and adjust them to your audience needs. Later on, you will discover that it is an effective way to promote whatever you want to promote on the web.

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What is an easy testimonial

What exactly identifies an efficient testimonial? Well, the easiest way you can get it from your happy customers is to ask them about it. The best format to receive these brilliant pieces of client reviews is a custom written testimonial. Nothing can be simpler than that. That is how they can generate it without spending too much time and effort and leaving a perfect note for you. A good testimonial can have a preset of questions that is how all of them will have the same structure.

What is an efficient testimonial

Videos are considered the most powerful engine to attract user’s attention nowadays. Videos are catchy and people are more likely to pay attention to video reviews.

Of course, you should invest money into video production. Not everyone has enough budget to generate a nice video. You will definitely need more videos from each of your clients. Probably the best option for you is to gather simple, manually recorded testimonials from customers by asking them to do a short recording and say genuine words about your business.

You will do the rest of the work on your own. All you need is raw material. Voice will have more effect on people listening to these testimonials. If you add some customization and music – you can have a short movie that will produce as much effect as several written testimonials. Don’t hesitate to invest into it.

How to spread the testimonials in social media

Now it is time to put all the reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+. Try to be involved in as many social media channels as you can. The more genuine you seem across the networks, the better image of you people will have. Of course, when you get more popular – you are likely to receive bad reviews. It is difficult to please everyone, but never too late to learn how to deal with unpleasant testimonials.

The best thing you can do on social media is targeting close groups of people, pretty much focused on acquiring your products or services. Encourage positive comments about your company via a fruitful combination of networking, content creation and competition.

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