How to Grow a Business with Testimonials

Google Algorithms change all the time as for evaluating the websites. Years ago it was strictly based on link amount and quality. With time it transformed into strong content principles followed by many websites to meet Google requirements. However, right now search engines mostly take into account behavioral signals and user experience. Previously neglected factors, time spent on website and pages per visit become more important now. That is why current online marketing strategies tend to improve website content in order to rank better.

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They say that testimonials inspire people most of all to acquire products and services. It is the easiest way to build long-term relationships with clients. But it is not always the case. They should be definitely well-written and well-planned inside the whole testimonial marketing system to produce as much effect. So, the new content is not an answer to everything. Good story commands capture visitor’s attention and arise a more vivid interest. Even random comments under your post in Facebook can serve as a good source of true testimonials. It is not necessary to have your direct customers among those who left feedback. Occasional volunteers are eager to initiate your brand promotion as much as reliable clients.

What is a good motivator for people to leave testimonials?

In order to implement a good reputation management strategy, first of all, you need to find people who will be ready to promote your product or service. What is the best motivating reason for them to help you? Basically, your product should work well for them. Then, probably they should have a profit from submitting a feedback at your page. It is high time you should offer giveaways or competition prizes for your fans.

Once you found the right focus, you are ready to proceed. Let’s assume that motivated people left you enough testimonials that work for your business. Now it is high time to implement them for your website growth.

How to use customer feedback for website promotion?

The easiest way is to share it all over social media. It is better if it is shared not only by you, but also by people themselves, and by any third party that is somehow related to your business. Google can easily follow those traces of relativity and give authority to your website in search engines. It is usually perceived in rankings and traffic.

Another way to enrich your website user experience and to make testimonials even more attractive to potential clients is to generate totally independent success stories based on given feedbacks. All you have to do is to take the best example of positive testimonial and to convert it into a piece of text enriched with details, citations, and conclusions. People believe detailed stories better than just simple feedbacks, even if they are very truthful and inspiring.

If you are looking for alternatives of testimonial marketing

You should always vote for video engagement. Now, with all the opportunities of Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin Ads, you can cover and influence a bigger audience. The first step is to create a competitive video testimonial and to upload it into your Youtube channel, post it on Facebook -> do a post engagement campaign. You can gain popularity in the same way inside Youtube. If you do not have enough budget for that, just try to locate testimonials and success stories in most popular parts of your website and do a simple.

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