Awesome Testimonial Templates that Help You to Develop Your Business

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Before to choose a perfect template for your testimonial, you should decide about the main idea each client feedback should bring in testimonial message. Let’s imagine that you provide a complicated service, probably a software development package or some dedicated specialists. In this case, your testimonial should look like a real story, a gradual explanation of what was done during the time you provided this service.

If your testimonial reflects product acquisition or any visual importance, you should definitely include a photo or an image to make it more realistic.

The testimonial should work for the company’s benefit. It should be well placed and well seen by incoming visitors. Choose a perfect location and embed it into the website design.

Now it is time to choose a testimonial time that would better fit your business idea. You can choose from the ones you used before or you can develop your own type of enhanced testimonials.

Social testimonials

To make it more clear, social feedback appears organically after users interacted with your products and services. You should not do anything special to create this type of testimonials on your website. The only thing you should do is let your happy customers share their incredible stories about your business or let them speak on social media pages.

Social testimonials involve tweets about your products and services, videos about your enterprise on Youtube, screenshots of your work done on Instagram, interactive Facebook posts and many more.

Video Interviews

Perception of any video content is a must in the world of modern technologies. People are more likely to watch a video than to read a long story. If you need specifications (and you definitely need them!) – you can do long customer related interviews. People like listening and watching success stories and they will do it in order to be sure they choose the right service!

When posted on social media, your testimonials will provoke even more natural conversations about your business. It is simpler than writing a testimonial yourself guided by a client or asking someone to leave a testimonial for you. This testimonial marketing is based on simpler strategies.


People do not always evaluate your business when writing testimonials. It is way difficult to evaluate when you are not asked to do it. However, this kind of customer feedback really makes sense! Try to build transformative testimonials, which means that they explain the transformation, the whole process, and not only one advantage or one feature of your business. Spread them everywhere you can – and you will get a relatively fast output!

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