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Getting More Reviews for Your eCommerce Store

Getting more reviews for your eCommerce store and your catalog of offerings is one of the best ways to provide organic, impartial, and community sourced information for potential customers. There's also a host of other benefits, such as helping our SEO efforts and influencing potential customers to make a purchase. We've all been there - [...]

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E-Commerce Automation: Placing Customers in E-mail Funnels

As online storekeepers looking to constantly grow brand awareness and increase sales, we're always looking for ways to acquire new customers. Caught up in this expansive frenzy, it's easy to overlook the importance of placing existing customers in targeted e-mail funnels that keep them coming back to our stores for more of what they love. [...]

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How a Testimonial Plugin Helps You Boost Traffic

Expand a business is a very tough task that requires a lot of creativity. Nowadays, with all online marketing tools, we can develop a really sophisticated promotional strategy. Most often it is based on several channels that are more likely to be favorable for a business. How to define it? Usually, we study competitors to understand what [...]

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Most Effective Abandoned Cart Email Template for E-Commerce

Previously, we discussed the importance of setting up powerful workflows for dealing with abandoned carts in WooCommerce. Automating abandoned cart workflow by employing an abandoned cart email template is an effective way to reach out to our customers to deliver simple, friendly reminders to finish checking out. As shopkeepers, we're aiming to complete the WooCommerce [...]

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5 Questions that Help You to Gather Testimonials

Business owners and webmasters always ask themselves a question: how to inspire and motivate their customers and users to leave testimonials. It can be a small note about how their service helped. Otherwise, it could be a bigger story with lots of details. It depends on how much time people have and how inspired they are [...]

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All You Need to Know About Online Testimonials Generation

It seems like in the upcoming year, the influence of testimonials will be crucial as compared to previous years of online marketing. First of all, more customers tend to read online reviews more often now than it was before. Secondly, those positive testimonials apparently have more impact on your business. Nowadays, 90% of your customers [...]

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Reducing Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce

In today's highly competitive e-commerce ecosystem, maximizing every edge counts when we're aiming to maximize conversions and sales. Unfortunately, reducing abandoned carts often goes unaddressed by even the most keen and insightful shop owners using WooCommerce. This often comes down to a few simple reason: A lack of awareness about the issue, and a lack of [...]

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How to Use Testimonials in E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a struggling way to promote your business. You should listen to every customer response and be ready to adjust your strategy according to their needs. There are several types of e-mails you can send to your clients in order to gently push them towards acquisition: Testimonial E-mail This kind of e-mail should [...]

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How to do Testimonials Marketing on Social Media

What do you know about social media marketing plan? It is a plan of how you proceed when implementing your marketing strategy. It will include work on different social media and types of activity. It also includes the audit which is usually done before to start the process. The plan should include all tasks you [...]

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How to Deal with Unpleasant Testimonials

Most of the businesses publish their customer reviews not only on the website but also on third-party resources, so-called review websites. You can find many of them throughout the web, such as Yelp, TrustPilot, ConsumerSearch, SiteJabber, BBB and more. Once you create a profile on these websites, you can easily collect customer reviews and promote them. [...]

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