E-mail marketing is a struggling way to promote your business. You should listen to every customer response and be ready to adjust your strategy according to their needs. There are several types of e-mails you can send to your clients in order to gently push them towards acquisition:

Testimonial E-mail

This kind of e-mail should be bright and engaging. It is better to include a vivid image of your product. As far as you sell your product, try to underline its advantages to your future clients. You will definitely include a testimonial from your previous customer. It should be one of the best feedbacks based on experience. In this case, it will be easier to accept the predominance of your product.

Advisory E-mail

By means of this e-mail type, you can not only promote your product advantages as a useful advice but also include some testimonials as a proof that it worked for your clients. It is not so difficult to reach out people with such e-mails because most of them are open for new information that is advisory and grounded.

Educational and Promotional E-mail

This is a perfect combination of the attempts to educate customers and to lightly promote your services. The only thing you have to do here is to be easy-going and not oppressive with your desire to sell. Remember that people will be likely to buy if they make this decision. This process is extremely fragile, so any pushing forward will result in a refusal.


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