5 Questions that Help You to Gather Testimonials

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Business owners and webmasters always ask themselves a question: how to inspire and motivate their customers and users to leave testimonials. It can be a small note about how their service helped. Otherwise, it could be a bigger story with lots of details. It depends on how much time people have and how inspired they are to place a review.

Don’t be sad if they are not too happy with helping you to rate and develop your business. Try to find a solution to motivate them and to receive this piece of a written testimonial from clients. The best way is to guide them with questions. In this article, we will explain you how questions influence and what to expect after a survey is sent.

You can organize this process inside your professional testimonial plugin. It facilitates the work and adjusts the results.

First of all, let’s define what inquiries are dominant and how correctly to ask them.

Question #1:

You should start moving from the beginning of the story about the acquisition of your products and services. It is important to know how the decision-making process was and what influenced it. So, it is opportune to ask something like “what inspired or not inspired to buy our product? What elements were decision-making?”

Question #2:

Now when you how it all started, you may ask about the total estimation of your product. In other words, you can ask about the advantages and disadvantages that your client would attribute to this product. In this question, try to ask for more details and specific features. The more detailed the answer is, the better. So, try to put it that way: “what are the benefits of this product for your business?”

Question #3:

So, having the information of how it started and what was among the benefits, you can now ask about the direct result that your product had on your client’s business. It is preferable to have a detailed answer here too. If not, ask your client to identify the result in one sentence, but not just “it was good”. What you can possibly ask here is: “tell me how it resulted in your business development”.

Question #4:

You almost came up to the end of important questions. Now you can try to get this recommendation from your client. Basically, it is what you were heading to. There is no need to ask something special, just build your question like this: “do you personally recommend this product to other people?”

Question #5:

The last question can be supplementary. If your survey form is too short, you may omit this one. However, it gives you a better understanding what features to develop in your next product updates, what people represent your audience. You can ask them: “what would you expect to change/add in our product?” or “what other products do you use in your industry?”

Summing up, this set of questions will definitely help you to gather small recommendations and guidance for your future work on your products.

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