Gravity Forms SalesForce Integration

Smoothly forward Gravity Form entries to Salesforce CRM


Fields Mapping

Map Gravity Forms entry fields to any Salesforce Object fields effortlessly.

Salesforce Picklist Mapping

Map Salesforce pick lists with Gravity Forms pick lists.

Error logs + Emails site owner if errors occur

If an error occurs while sending Gravity Forms entries data to Salesforce CRM, a detailed error report will be sent to the specified email.

A detailed log will be generated for each Gravity Forms entry , either sent or not sent, to Salesforce CRM. There is also an option to resend an entry to Salesforce CRM with just one click.

Two-Way Sync

Establishes a full synchronization between all Gravity Forms entries and Salesforce CRM. If a Gravity Form entry is deleted/restored/updated, that entry will also be deleted/restored/updatd in Salesforce CRM.

Filter Entries

Gravity Forms entries are automatically sent to Salesforce CRM, but you can apply filters or create rules to limit the entries forwarded to Salesforce CRM.

Add Entry Data as Customized Note to SalesForce Contacts

Send one to many fields data as Salesforce CRM entry Note.

$39/per year