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Combine Easy Digital Downloads Checkout System with the Great MemberPress Plugin!
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Easy Press is a plugin for WordPress that we’ve developed to connect Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and MemberPress. If you’re a fan of EDD for your checkouts, you can use Easy Press to automatically signup your new customer to their desired MemberPress level, saving you from having to do this manually, and creating a flawless customer on-boarding experience, so important for making a new impression with your new customers.


Simplify Your Membership Registration

MemberPress has now come into dominance as the best of the best for membership websites, rated by many as their favorite, including Chris Lema. MemberPress is clearly awesome, but its checkout process lacks a certain amount of flexibility and is rather outdated. Easy Digital Downloads on the other hand is the way of the future, allowing you to easily display all of your membership levels in a beautiful grid format and allowing customers to checkout using any number of payment processors.

Easy Press Checkout Page
Easy Digital Downloads Add On

Take Advantage of All of EDD’s Great Add-Ons

It also includes a ton of great add-ons like Stripe & PayPal Pro. Beyond that, EDD supports integration with so many other marketing systems, CRMs, and financial systems, making it a perfect solutions for any successful membership site to better connect to the vital 3rd party systems needed.

Connect EDD to MemberPress in a Snap

Easy Press works similar to most other Easy Digital Downloads Add-ons so everything’s all very expected in terms of interface. After activating the plugin, you’ll simply go into a EDD Download and select which MemberPress level you want to connect that Download to. It’s that simple!

Memberpress Memberships
Easypress Howitworks

How Exactly Does it Work?

Setup is super simple. Just create a new Download for the level or levels of your membership site you want to sell access to. Then choose either to make that Download a Variable product with multiple pricing options or a single product with 1 price. If you choose a variable pricing, you’ll have the option to let your customer choose between different levels within that same download. That’s advantageous because you if you sell multiple levels, you don’t need to send your customers to a separate Download/Sales page for each separate level (though you can do that if you’d like as well).

Features Coming Soon

Easy Press is ready to purchase right now whenever you’re ready to start selling memberships through EDD on your site. In the future, we plan on supporting Easy Digital Download’s Recurring Payments add-on so you can take subscription payments for your membership plans.

$59 /per year

Billed once per year until cancelled

**Easy Press only supports one-time payment MemberPress memberships.**

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+ Changelog
×== 1.1 ==
-Fixed issue of not displaying all MemberPress levels in EDD download edit page

== 1.0 ==
-Initial release

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