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Aren’t Gravity Forms Email Notifications great? They allow so much flexibility and fine tuned control over every aspect of your marketing automation system. Not only can you send multiple notifications at once in various directions and to various stakeholders, but Gravity Forms lets you send notification based upon certain conditions being met in the form recently submitted.

We’ve used Gravity Forms for years and we’re massive fans. That said, isn’t there something missing from Gravity Forms?

What if you want to delay your email notifications to your customers?

Gravity Forms Delayed Notifications allows you to delay the sending of any of your form’s email notifications by setting a delay period of any time and for any length. For instance, if you want to send a notification 3 hours or 3 months after a form is submitted, this plugin will let you do so.

Wait no more! Ristretto Apps has come to the rescue of all you clever entrepreneurs and internet marketers out there who want more powerful marketing automation from their incredible Gravity Forms checkout and opt-in forms.

Introducing Gravity Forms Delayed Email Notifications

Here’s some use cases that we think delayed notification can help your business leave less money on the table:

  • For an online membership or e-learning site that uses Gravity Forms for checkout to checkin with your customer after 3 days to see how they’re liking their membership
  • For an WooCommerce site (using WooCommerce “Gravity Forms Product Add-on“) to send an email to a recent customer after 10 days to encourage them to come back to your site and leave a 5 star review for the product they purchased
  • Use Delayed Notifications to send yourself (site admin) an email reminder to make a followup call to a prospective client who filled out a lead opt-in form on your site
  • Use for employee on-boarding team workflows by setting a delay of 5 days to process employee paperwork when you need to ensure that prior workflow phases have ample time to finish
  • And so much more (let us know how you’re using it and we’ll add it here!)


How do Delayed Notifications for Gravity Forms It Work?

Uhhh. . let’s just say it’s suuuper easy. 

So, you know how each notification you setup in GF has a conditional checkbox at the bottom? Same idea. Just check the box Delay Notifications, then select the period of time you’d like from the drop down, and enter the number of time periods you want to delay the message. Sounds a little confusing when we write it out, right? Ok here’s exactly what we mean:

Simple Right?

We certainly think so. It’s a breeze. Just install, activate, and delay. If that sounds good to you, then grab your license today!

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

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Seem Expensive?

Let’s say your programmer charges you $60/hour (which is on the low end for a good WordPress plugin developer who’s effective at integrations). Gravity Press only needs to save you 2 hours of development time for a complex project like this which would take countless hours. Ultimately, go Gravity Press and your business plan has already paid for itself.



  • Perfect Soltuion

    This plugin was the perfect solution to what we needed. It saved me a ton of time custom coding. Absolutely worth the value.

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  • Super Easy, Super Effective

    I purchased this product because I was looking for an easy way to delay my email confirmations in a Gravity Form I had setup for new customers. This plugin did the trick. Thanks!

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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