Gravity Tables

Add Pricing Tables to your Gravity Forms Checkout

why use gravity tables?


Gravity Forms is Super Robust and Feature-Filled as a Checkout Form, but Displaying Pricing Options Ain’t Pretty. Gravity Forms Pricing Tables Makes It Easy to Display Dashing Pricing Plans


Gravity Forms Pricing Tables is a Perfect Tool for SAAS, Membership Websites, and Consultants Who Offer Different Pricing Plans and Need Them to Look Good

Increased Sales

Better Looking Checkout Forms Communicates Legitimacy and Leads to Higher Customer Trust for your WordPress site


Transform Bland Pricing Options into Beautiful Pricing Plans

Turn a standard drop-down or radio button product fields into an attractive table of detailed plan offerings

Choose to display pricing table up to 6 columns

Gravity Forms Pricing Tables includes detailed plan features or description

Pricing Tables Built Exclusively for Gravity Forms

We made Gravity Tables work seamlessly with Gravity Forms, no shortcodes, no hacks – just works! Creates a new product field, “Pricing Table” which you can drag to your form and place in any position Clearly indicates which plan has been selected Instantly changes form Total based upon which plan is selected

Select Pre-Defined Color Schemes

Choose between 7 color styles

Responsive design for phones and tablets

Set a maximum width per column (auto adjust by default)

Live preview table in form edit screen

Create Pricing Table Once, Use Again & Again

Create one pricing table, one time. Use that same pricing table in different forms. Changing the table once, changes it wherever it appears.

Have more than one pricing table on the same form!


Support for Conditional Logic

Hide or display pricing tables based upon native gravity forms conditional logic. Set one field to turn on or off the pricing table.

Support for Stripe, PayPal, and

Supports all official Gravity Forms payment add-on. It should also support most non-official gravity forms payment add-ons.

Custom Color/Font Style Options for All Pricing Table Columns

Customize the look of your pricing table however you want. You can choose your own color and even choose a different font style for all your pricing table columns!

Choose License


1 Site License

$49 /per year



5 Site Licenses

$89 /per year



Unlimited Site Licenses

$129/per year

* Plugin updates and email support are provided for the duration of your current subscription.

Frequently asked questions

You need to install Gravity Forms first before you can use our plugin.

You can use any version of Gravity Forms.

No, our plugin is a separate plugin from Gravity Forms.

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+ Changelog
×== 2.1 ==
-Fixed: Issue with Uninstall button not removing all user data/setting on plugin settings page

== 2.0 ==
-Added custom color/font style options for all pricing table columns
-Added support for up to 6 columns
-Improved default template colors (blue & purple)
-Added left padding for feature text

== 1.3 ==
-Added merge-tag support for pricing table field in a Gravity Forms calculation field

== 1.2 ==
-Fixed issue where select button wouldn\'t display in certain situations

== 1.1 ==
-CSS Table Adjustments
-Added shortcode to display plans without needing to be in a Gravity Form

== 1.0 ==
-First version


  • Big like... Need come customization too...

    Dear Kevin,
    Thank you for getting back to me. I installed your product and everything seems to be working as planned.

    I’d like to go over additional customizations.

    It is almost exactly what I need. I am so impressed that it has the bones as they say.
    But as always maybe we can tweak it to fit a little better for me.


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