Gravity Press

Use Gravity Forms for MemberPress Checkout and Registration

Highly customizable registrations

Gravity Forms offers one of the best looking and most customizable checkout forms, including a ton of great add ons to improve your checkout automations.

Allow donations of any amount

Registration forms can be configured to take a payment of any amount in exchange for MemberPress membership

Subscription Support

Create MemberPress-Native subscriptions with Gravity Forms using Stripe, PayPal, or

Register to multiple levels simultaneously

Gravity Press allows you to create a registration form that can add a single user to multiple MemberPress membership levels at once


Customize Your Registration Form Your Way

Not everyone wants to force their customers to fill out a lengthy registration form just to signup for their membership site. With Gravity Press, you have complete control over your signup form. You can use almost any Gravity Forms field in order for your customers to select which level they want to subscribe to. Alternatively, you can also choose to use a text field and hide it from the customers so that they signup for the level you specify

Adds New Members to Selected Levels

Take advantage of the versatility of Gravity Forms with our integration plugin. Gravity Press lets you register your new customers instantly into the MemberPress level of their choosing, saving your time, money, and the unnecessary hassle of adding members manually.

Make Use of Amazing Gravity Forms Features

Gravity Press works similar to most other Gravity Forms add-ons. Level Up your registration form with the following Gravity Forms features:

  • Add new members to your mailing list without double optin
    (Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Emma, Aweber, GetResponse, and more!)
  • Get instant membership signup notifications over Slack or Hipchat
  • Abandon cart emails with the Partial Entries add-on to remind visitors to complete their sale

Take Subscriptions with Gravity Forms

Using Gravity Forms built-in subscription support for all supported payment gateways (recurring payments), Gravity Press will create an native subscription in MemberPress so that periodic MP transactions will occur whenever a successful payment is made by your customer. Failed payments or customer cancellations will result in automatic cancellations of your customer’s membership in MemberPress.

*Feature only available in Pro and Developer versions

MemberPress Account Page Support

Gravity Press Pro/Developer provides membership info displayed on the MemberPress Account page. After logging in and visiting their account page, members can see subscription information, recurring transaction history, and can cancel their subscription from their Account page without having to request you to do cancel it for them.

Plus: As of Gravity Press 3.X, members can now update their billing information and upgrade/downgrade their membership using native MemberPress Groups functionality.

Auto Login Upon Checkout

Gravity Press allows a friction-less registration experience for your users by both logging in and redirecting your new users to any page (protected or non-protected) in your site. For example, you can easily send all new users to a MemberPress protected welcome page right after signup.

MemberPress Reporting

Provides essential data for reporting in MemberPress. Gravity Press will send all new one-time signups, transactions, subscriptions, and cancellations to MemberPress so that membership information is reflected in the MemberPress admin reports as well as for members on their MemberPress account page.

*Feature only available in Pro and Developer versions

Choose Your Version


1 Site License

$89 /per year



1 Site License
$149 /per year


Unlimited Site Licenses

$199 /per year

* Plugin updates and email support are provided for the duration of your current subscription.

Frequently asked questions

You need to install both Gravity Forms and MemberPress before you can use our plugin.

It depends on what you’re aiming to accomplish. Technically you only need their Basic license if you want to enroll existing WordPress site users to a membership level.

That said, most people will want the Elite license because it comes with official payment add-ons such as PayPal or Stripe AND because it includes the User Registration add-on which is essential for registering a new user while simultaneously adding them to a MemberPress level.

You can use any version of MemberPress.

No, our plugin is a separate plugin from Gravity Forms and MemberPress.

Yes indeed. The setup that you’ll need for your Gravity Form is a bit different from the typical setup method. Here’s a documentation on how to set that up.

Yes, we now support this add-on so that with a single purchase, your business customers can purchase multiple sub-accounts for their employees. Further, we even offer the ability for your customer to dynamically choose the number of sub-accounts they want to purchase in Gravity Forms, which will create that same number of available sub-accounts for that customer.

You may check our documentation here for instructions.

What Customers say

Solved a problem and saved time
Great plugin. Did it’s job as advertised and saved me a lot of hours of programming.
Easy setup saved me hours of work
Gravity Press made completing an HOA website project much easier. The plugin made it much easier to create users with appropiate memberships and permissions. I had what I thought was going to be one of the more time consuming parts of the project completed in minutes.
Very nice bridge between MemberPress and Gravity Forms. May main issue with the MemberPress checkout is the two page process. Gravity Press allows me to run checkout through Gravity Forms (with a single page register/checkout) flawlessly.
Enabled customization
I use a membership plugin and there forms aren't exactly designer friendly in fact there's no customization possible. With Gravity Press I was able to use a separate form to replace my membership form. Which ultimately allowed for design customization and the flexibility I needed. Without Gravity Press it wouldn't have made this possible. I'd happily purchase Gravity Press again!
Seamless and Effective
Excellent plugin, no issues, easy install and configuration. Highly recommended!
Exactly what I was looking for!
This plugin was exactly what I was looking for, I can now send my registration signups to MemberPress!

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+ Changelog
×Last Updated: December 2020

== 3.2.3 == -[Pro} Fixed issue with upgrading/downgrading using MemberPress Groups after registration with GP

==3.2.2== -Fixed issue where uninstall button did not delete plugin settings

== 3.2.1 ==
-Fixed issue for those upgrading from GP2: legacy subscriptions did not create new MP transactions if they were created in GP2
-Removed previous admin message asking to setup Stripe webhook as it\'s no longer critical for V3.X
-Added admin message about not supporting Stripe Payment Form setting
-Added new admin message about not supporting Stripe Payment Form

== 3.2.0 ==
-Various event-driven bug fixes with Stripe checkout
-Support added for GF User Registration add-on \"Enable User Activation\" integrated for Stripe
-Support added for Offline Payments (whereby users can be manually approved by Admin)

== 3.1.2 ==
-Added preliminary support for gateway

== 3.1 ==
-Added ability to allow free/no-charge signups for MemberPress membership levels

== 3.0 ==
-Major rewrite of codebase
-Subscriptions are now initiated by Gravity Forms Stripe but completed by and handed over completely to MemberPress, thus managed by MemberPress going forward, allowing support for all MemberPress account changes natively
-Reverted \"memberpress_selectLevel_field\" back to \"mappedFields\" db key to ensure smoother upgrade from 2.x to 3.x

== 2.5.3 ==
-Feature: Override renewal link on MP account page (under GF Settings->Gravity Press)
-Bug Fix / Improvement: Disable MemberPress Level Fields that are already in use by other Gravity Press feeds to prevent members not being added in some cases

== 2.5.2 ==
-Fixed bug that prevented new members from being added to MP level in some cases

== 2.5 ==
-Added Autologin feature for new users (Excluding PayPal Standard)
-Improved admin notices to be more informative
-Added setting to make new transactions(subscriptions if Pro) Complete/Pending
-Added support for MemberPress Corporate Sub-accounts Add-on (Pro)
-Added feature to set a different form filed for MP membership level price besides form total (Pro)
-Improved cancellation of GF subscriptions function (Pro)

== 2.4 ==
-Fixed bulk membership issue

== 2.3 ==
-Forked Pro plugin into Basic and Pro Versions

== 2.2 ==
-Fixed settings for MemberPress account page theme override

== 2.1 ==
-Fixed bug that would prevent subscription creation and cancellation on some sites

== 2.0 ==
-Added improved support for subscriptions:
--Creates MemberPress subscriptions based upon Gravity Forms subscriptions
--Creates MemberPress transactions each time successful/failed payment occurs with a Gravity Forms subscription
--Allows members to view and cancel their Gravity Forms subscription through the MemberPress account page

== 1.5.0 ==
-Relocated Plugin Version Constant
-Increased timeout for activating/checking license

== 1.4.7 ==
-Removed redundant bulk MemberPress Levels field add feature.

== 1.4.6 ==
-Updated Licensing Activation files to latest versions in order to match license system

== 1.4.5 ==
-Fixed incompatability with other EDD License Plugins

== 1.4.4 ==
-Fixed issue in which Gravity Press disrupted normal form validation process if using multi-page forms

== 1.4.3 ==
-Fixed issue which threw error on activation on certain servers

== 1.4.2 ==
-Fixed issue which prevented existing users from being added if PayPal addon was installed but not active
-Fixed issue which prevented Conditional Logic on feed from working properly

== 1.4.1 ==
-Removed legacy calls to previous plugin internal styling which are no longer relevant

== 1.4.0 ==
-Moved GravityPress Subscription Support into its own separate plugin for easier updating for Pro and Developer customers

== 1.3.5 ==
-Fixed bug where menus weren’t showing unless Gravity Forms Addons were enabled

== 1.3.4 ==
-Fixed critical error when specific, required Gravity Forms add-on were not enabled.
-Removed plugin specific administration-only styling to rely fully on Gravity Forms admin styling

== 1.3.3 ==
-Added Gravity Forms Subscription Cancellation Support for Pro and Developer versions: automatically expires MemberPress member transactions immediately upon cancellation or failed payments setup by Gravity Member in various payment gateways.

== 1.3.2 ==
-Fixed bug that prevented functionality for non-product drop-down/radio fields

== 1.3.1 ==
-Included “Amount” to MemberPress transactions coming through Gravity Press

== 1.3 ==
-Fix to updater

== 1.2 ==
-Fix for form validation errors on multi-page forms

== 1.1 ==
-Bug fixes to add user to level when offline/online

== 1.0 ==
-First version


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