Gravity Forms For Paid Memberships Pro Wordpress Admin

Gravity PMP

Use Gravity Forms for Paid Memberships Pro Checkout and Registration

Highly customizable registrations

Gravity Forms offers one of the best looking and most customizable checkout forms, including a ton of great add ons to improve your checkout automations.

Multiple Gateway Support

Create Orders in Paid Memberships Pro based on transactions created in Gravity Forms with Stripe, or

Allow donations of any amount

Registration forms can be configured to take a payment of any amount in exchange for Paid Memberships Pro memberships

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Customize Your Registration Form Your Way

Not everyone wants to force their customers to fill out a lengthy registration form just to signup for their membership site. With this Gravity Forms Paid Memberships Pro integration, you have complete control over your signup form.  you can use almost any Gravity Forms field in order for your customers to select which level they want to subscribe to. Alternatively, you can also choose to use a text field and hide it from the customers so that they signup for the level you specify

Gravity Forms Blank
Gravitypmp Add Levels

Adds New Members to Selected Levels

Take advantage of the versatility of Gravity Forms with our integration plugin. Gravity PMP lets you register your new customers instantly into the Paid Memberships Pro level of their choosing, saving your time, money, and the unnecessary hassle of adding members manually.

Make Use of Amazing Gravity Forms Features

Gravity PMP works similar to most other Gravity Forms add-ons. Level Up your registration form with the following Gravity Forms features: Add new members to your mailing list without double optin (Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Emma, Aweber, GetResponse, and more!) Get instant membership signup notifications over Slack or Hipchat Abandon cart emails with the Partial Entries add-on to remind visitors to complete their sale

Gravityforms Addons

One-Time and Recurring Payments with Gravity Forms

Using Gravity Forms top-tier checkout features for numerous Stripe or, Gravity PMP will create an identical Orders in Paid Memberships Pro each time a successful payment is made by your customer. Additionally, when failed payments occur, use the Partial Entries add-on to send abandoned-cart reminder emails so that they come back and complete their purchase.

Paid Memberships Pro Account Page Support

Gravity PMP Pro/Developer provides membership info displayed on the Paid Membeship Pro Account Page. After logging in and visiting their account page, members can see subscription information, recurring transaction history, and can cancel their subscription from their Account page without having to request you to do cancel it for them.

Auto Login Upon Checkout

Gravity PMP allows a friction-less registration experience for your users by both logging in and redirecting your new users to any page (protected or non-protected) in your site. For example, you can easily send all new users to a Paid Memberships Pro protected welcome page right after signup.

Gravitypmp Auto Login
Paid Memberships Pro Chart And Reports

Paid Memberships Pro Reporting

Provides essential data for reporting in Paid Memberships Pro. Gravity PMP will send all new one-time signups, transactions, subscriptions, and cancellations to Paid Memberships Pro so that membership information is reflected in the Paid Memberships Pro admin reports as well as for members on their Paid Memberships Pro account page.

Choose Your Version


1 Site License

$89 /per year


1 Site License

$169 /per year


Unlimited Site Licenses

$199 /per year

* Plugin updates and email support are provided for the duration of your current subscription.

Frequently asked questions

We offer limited support the PayPal Standard and PayPal checkout add-ons (by Gravity Forms). The reason is that PayPal as a platform has become extremely difficult to work with for developers and the platform has numerous bugs and issues. Moreover, their focus on business customers has dropped considerably over the past few years.

While we’ll do our best to offer support for PayPal, please know that we highly recommend using Stripe as an alternative.

You need to install both Gravity Forms and Paid Memberships Pro before you can use our plugin.

It depends on what you’re aiming to accomplish. Technically you only need their Basic license if you want to enroll existing WordPress site users to a membership level.

That said, most people will want the Elite license because it comes with official payment add-ons such as PayPal or Stripe AND because it includes the User Registration add-on which is essential for registering a new user while simultaneously adding them to a Paid Memberships Pro level.

You can use any version of Paid Memberships Pro.

No, our plugin is a separate plugin from Gravity Forms and Paid Memberships Pro.

No, our plugin only establishes an integration between Gravity Forms and Paid Memberships Pro. Paid Member Subscriptions is also a complete separate membership plugin that is not created by the same developer of Paid Memberships Pro.

At this time, our plugin does not support the use of free trials built into the Stripe/PayPal Gravity Forms addons for recurring subscriptions.

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+ Changelog
×Last Updated March 2024== 1.3.1 ==
-Add compatibility with Gravity Forms 2.5 and later versions
-Added ability for Admin to add new members

== 1.3.0 ==
-Add compatibility with Gravity Forms 2.5
-Added support for free memberships

== 1.2.3 ==
-Updated Gravity PMP feed field labels for more clarity

== 1.2.2 ==
-[Pro] Fix for not being able to register users to Free PMP levels

== 1.2.1 ==
-[Pro] Fixed issue preventing prices from being updated on order and members tabs of PMPRO when users checkout with 100% discount coupon code

== 1.2.0 ==
-[Pro] Added support for Gravity Forms coupons (via official add-on) to be accepted and applied to Paid Memberships Pro

== 1.1.0 ==
-[Pro]Initial release for Gravity PMP Pro
-[Pro]Added support for recurring subscription payments
-[Pro]Added support for offline payments (checks or bank transfers)
-Fixed issue with uninstall button not removing plugin data
-Fixed issue with Activate License button

== 1.0.2 ==
-Added Autologin Feature
-Fixed bug where Bulk Level Add would show error if no PMP levels exist
-Corrected various typos

== 1.0.1 ==
V1.1 -Fix issue preventing plugin from activating
-Updated the EDD Download ID

== 1.0 ==
Initial Release

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