Contact Form 7 – Delayed Notifications

Take control of your inbox, schedule the notifications on your terms.
This WordPress plugin enhances your communication strategy by allowing you to schedule notifications after form submissions. Perfect for follow-ups, it ensures messages are sent at the optimal time, improving engagement and customer satisfaction. Easy to set up and compatible with Contact Form 7, it’s an essential tool for any website owner.


Scheduled Notification After Form Submission

Scheduled Notification After Form Submission ensures users receive timely updates following their form submission. This feature automates the process of sending customized notifications at predetermined intervals, enhancing user engagement and providing essential information or confirmations directly related to their submitted data, without any manual intervention needed from administrators.

Optimal Time Messaging for Engagement

Optimal Time Messaging for Engagement intelligently identifies the best moments to send messages, ensuring maximum visibility and interaction. By analyzing user behavior patterns, this feature significantly increases engagement rates by delivering content when audiences are most receptive, thereby enhancing communication effectiveness and boosting response rates in marketing campaigns.

Contact Form 7 Compatibility

The feature ensures seamless integration with Contact Form 7, enabling users to effortlessly incorporate and manage powerful, customizable contact forms on their websites. It offers compatibility support, ensuring smooth operation and user experience without the need for complex configurations or coding skills. Ideal for enhancing communication and engagement with site visitors.



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Frequently asked questions

To set up delayed notifications in Contact Form 7, you’ll need to use additional plugins or custom code as the core plugin doesn’t support this feature natively. One approach is using the “Contact Form 7 – Before After Mail” plugin to add delay functionality. After installing and activating the plugin: 1. Navigate to your form’s settings in Contact Form 7. 2. In the “Mail” tab, configure your email as usual. 3. Then, go to the new “Before After Mail” section added by the plugin. 4. Here, you can set a delay for when the email should be sent after form submission. Remember that server or WordPress scheduling tasks limitations might affect how accurately these delays work, so testing with different intervals is advised to ensure it meets your needs. If you prefer coding or have specific requirements, consider adding custom hooks into functions.php of your theme for controlling email dispatch timing based on WP-Cron jobs. However, this requires familiarity with PHP and WordPress’s internal mechanisms. Always back up your website before making changes or adding new plugins to avoid unintended consequences.
Yes, Contact Form 7 Delayed Notifications allows you to customize the delay period for each form individually. You can specify the exact amount of time you want to wait before sending out a notification after a form has been submitted. This feature provides flexibility in how and when you receive notifications, making it easier to manage your workflow and follow up with submissions at appropriate times.
Yes, you can cancel a delayed notification that has been scheduled in Contact Form 7. However, this requires custom coding or the use of a specific plugin designed to extend the functionality of Contact Form 7. You would typically manage this by accessing your WordPress dashboard and navigating to the relevant section provided by the plugin or custom solution where you can view and manage scheduled notifications. Make sure to follow the documentation provided with such plugins or code snippets for detailed instructions on how to cancel a scheduled notification.