Integrating Gravity Forms and MemberPress for Signups with using Gravity Press

Integrating Gravity Forms and MemberPress using Gravity Press allows seamless signup processes with as the payment gateway. This detailed guide will walk you through the steps to achieve this integration, ensuring a smooth experience for both administrators and users.

Gravity Press is a powerful tool that connects Gravity Forms and MemberPress, enabling users to sign up for memberships while processing payments through This integration streamlines the user registration process and enhances the overall functionality of your membership site.


Before starting the integration, ensure you have the following:

  • Gravity Forms plugin
  • MemberPress plugin
  • Gravity Press plugin
  • account & plugin

Installing and activating needed plugins

  • Install and Activate Plugins
    1. Download and install Gravity Forms, MemberPress, and Gravity Press plugins from the WordPress dashboard.
    2. Activate each plugin to start the configuration process.

  • Configure MemberPress
    1. Navigate to MemberPress settings and configure the payment methods.
    2. Add as a payment gateway, entering your API credentials obtained from your account.
  • Create a Membership Plan
    1. In MemberPress, create a new membership plan, specifying details such as pricing, billing type, and access rules.
    2. Ensure that the billing type matches your intended setup (one-time or recurring payments).

Creating Gravity Forms for Membership Signup

  • Create a Registration Form
  1. In Gravity Forms, create a new form for user registration.
  2. Add essential fields like Name, Email, and Membership Level to capture user information.
Screenshot 2024 07 10 At 9.31.10 Am
Screenshot 2024 07 10 At 9.36.59 Am
  • Setup Product Field
  1. Add a Product field and change its type to Radio Button.
  2. Rename the field and use the Bulk Add feature to include predefined choices from MemberPress levels.
  3. Ensure the billing type for the MemberPress levels is set to one-time or recurring based on your requirement.
  • Add Total and Payment Fields
  1. Include a Total field to calculate the membership cost.
  2. Add a Credit Card field if using for payment collection directly within Gravity Forms.
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Setting Up Gravity Press

After Installing the Gravity Press plugin, you should be able to access the feed settings under your form settings to set it up

  • Setup Gravity Press Feed
    1. Go to your registration form settings and create a new Gravity Press feed.
    2. Set the Membership Slug to the field you have your Memberpress Memberships within your form and save the settings. You can also select other options under the feed settings based on how you want it to work.
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Integrating with Gravity Forms

  • Configure Add-on
    1. In Gravity Forms settings, navigate to Add-Ons and install the add-on.
    2. Enter your API credentials in the add-on settings. Both under gravity forms settings and Memberpress payment settings
Screenshot 2024 07 10 At 9.42.55 Am
Screenshot 2024 07 10 At 9.42.31 Am
  • Setup Feed
    1. Go to your registration form settings and create a new feed.
    2. Set the transaction type to ‘Product and Services’ and map the payment amount to the Total field in your form.
    3. Configure other settings like payment description and customer information mapping.
Screenshot 2024 07 10 At 9.56.01 Am

Linking Gravity Forms with MemberPress using Gravity Press

  • Create Gravity Press Feed
    • In the form settings, navigate to Gravity Press and create a new feed.
    • Select the form fields to map to MemberPress fields, such as Email and Membership Level.
    • Enable the feed and save the settings.
  • Setup User Registration Feed
    • If not using another user registration method, configure the User Registration add-on in Gravity Forms.
    • Map form fields to WordPress user fields to create new users upon form submission.

Detailed Configuration and Customization

  • Configuring Membership Levels

When setting up membership levels in MemberPress, consider the following details:

  1. Pricing: Define the cost of each membership level clearly.
  2. Access Rules: Specify the content or resources accessible to each membership level.
  3. Billing Cycle: Choose between one-time and recurring payments, matching the configuration in Gravity Forms.
  • Customizing the Registration Form

To enhance the registration form’s functionality and user experience:

  1. Conditional Logic: Use conditional logic to show or hide fields based on user selections.
  2. Validation Rules: Implement validation rules to ensure data accuracy and completeness.
  3. Styling: Customize the form’s appearance to match your website’s design.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Payment Failures

  • Solution: Verify that the API credentials for are correctly entered in both MemberPress and Gravity Forms settings.
  • Solution: Ensure that the payment fields in the Gravity Forms are correctly mapped to feed.

Membership Not Assigned

  • Solution: Check the Gravity Press feed configuration to ensure that the form fields are properly mapped to MemberPress fields.
  • Solution: Ensure that the User Registration feed is correctly set up to create new users and assign memberships.

Form Validation Errors

  • Solution: Review the form fields for any missing or incorrectly configured validation rules.
  • Solution: Ensure that all required fields are included and properly configured.

Enhancing User Experience

User Notifications

  • Automated Emails: Configure automated email notifications to inform users about successful registrations, payment receipts, and membership details.
  • Personalized Messages: Use merge tags in Gravity Forms to personalize messages based on user input.

User Account Management

  • Self-Service Portal: Enable a self-service portal in MemberPress where users can manage their subscriptions, update payment information, and view transaction history.


Integrating Gravity Forms and MemberPress using Gravity Press with as the payment method creates a robust and user-friendly membership signup process. Following this guide ensures a seamless setup, enhancing the overall user experience and streamlining your membership site management.

For more detailed instructions and troubleshooting, you can visit the following documentation pages:

By following this guide, you ensure a smooth integration process, leveraging the full potential of Gravity Press to manage memberships efficiently.

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