Migration Magic: Gitlab to Github

Migrate Gitlab Issues to Github, along with Milestones, Labels, Merge Requests, and Releases
Experience seamless migration from GitLab to GitHub with our powerful tool, designed to streamline your development workflow. Effortlessly migrate repositories, history, branches, and team permissions with precision and ease. Ensure a smooth transition while maintaining data integrity and continuity in your projects. Perfect for teams seeking enhanced collaboration features on GitHub.


Don't Lose Your Existing Issues, Merge Requests, Milestones, and Releases

Just because you want to take advantage of Github's fantastic features, pricing, and infrastructure, doesn't mean you should have to migrate over an incomplete, bare-bones repository. Migration Magic allows you to migrate Gitlab issues to Github (both open and closed). It also allows you to migrate existing merge requests and milestones as well. Along with that, why not have a complete history of all your previous releases transferred as well? No problem!

Maps the usernames from Gitlab to Github

This feature seamlessly maps usernames from GitLab to GitHub, facilitating a smoother transition and integration between these two prominent version control platforms. It ensures that users can easily link their profiles and maintain their identities across both services, enhancing collaboration and project management efficiency.

Retain links to and from issues, commits, and branches

This feature seamlessly retains connections between issues, commits, and branches within a project management tool. It ensures that all related elements are interlinked, facilitating easy navigation and comprehensive understanding of each item's context within the development lifecycle. This enhances collaboration and efficiency in tracking changes and resolving issues.

Use S3 to store attachments from issues

This feature enables the use of Amazon S3 for storing attachments from issues. It seamlessly integrates with issue tracking systems, allowing users to offload files directly to S3 buckets. This not only optimizes storage management and costs but also enhances data security and accessibility across distributed teams.


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Frequently asked questions

What are the prerequisites and initial setup steps required before starting a project migration from GitLab to GitHub using Migration Magic?
Yes, Migration Magic can and does transfer all branches from Gitlab to Github, as well as your entire commit history. And did you know that Migration Magic also migrates Gitlab issues to Github, as well as merge requests as well? Merge conflicts that exist in your previous Gitlab repository will remain as conflicts in your new repository at Github; effectively after transferring the merge requests over, you’ll still need to go through and resolve those conflicts.
We know that besides the ability to migrate Gitlab issues to Github, the ability to migrate Wiki pages are also an important requirements for many developers and IT professions. We are working on adding the ability to migrate Wiki pages over from Gitlab to Github and will announce when this feature is available to all existing customers.