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Gravity Forms Checkout + Wishlist Member Integration


Combine the Most Robust Checkout Plugin with
the Most Popular Membership Plugin

Gravity Member is a WordPress Plugin created to integrate Gravity Forms and Wishlist Member. Using Gravity Forms for your checkout process, Gravity Member automatically assigns your new customer to any particular Wishlist Member level you specify, saving you from doing this process manually.

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Flexible Customer Registration Without the Hassle

We know. Wishlist Member is truly awesome, but its checkout process lacks flexibility, power, and even aesthetics. Gravity Forms on the other hand offers one of the best looking and most highly customizable checkout forms out there (including a ton of great add ons like Stripe & PayPal Pro).

With Gravity Member, you can take advantage of all the versatility of Gravity Forms and register you new customers instantly into the Wishlist Member level of your choosing. Take out the human element and save yourself time, money, and unnecessary hassle.

Gravity Member works similar to most other Gravity Forms Addons so there’s nothing new to learn here. After activating the plugin, you’ll see a Gravity Member link show up under Gravity Forms settings in your Dashboard.

Integration in a Snap

After activation, simply create a new integration between your Gravity Forms checkout form and Wishlist Member.

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Super Simple Configuration

Gravity Member automatically pulls all the necessary Wishlist Member information into your Gravity Forms field, saving you time and making configuration a quick and easy!

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Customize Your Registration Form Your Way

Not everyone wants to force their customers to fill out a lengthy registration form just to signup for their membership site. With Gravity Member, you have complete control over your signup form. You can use almost any Gravity Forms field in order for your customers to select which level they want to subscribe to. Alternatively you can also choose to use a text field and hide it from the customers so that they signup for the level you specify.

Gravity Member is Easy to Setup

Step by Step instructions on how to setup Gravity Member


Gravity Forms Subscription Support

Using Gravity Forms built-in subscription support for all supported payment gateways (recurring payments), Gravity Member will automatically expire users from their respective Wishlist Member level immediately the moment they either cancel their subscription or their payment fails.

*Pro and Developer versions only.
Standard version requires site owner to manually remove user’s membership in Wishlist Member if they cancel their Gravity Forms subscription or their payment fails

Customer Testimonials

I looked all over the place for a plugin that could marry Wishlist Member with Gravity Forms and found it in this plugin. Thanks for making it.
George Riggs

This one little plugin has alleviated lots of headaches. We no longer have to constantly monitor our phones all day to make sure we’re not missing a signup who needs to be registered in Wishlist Member.
Marcus Pena


 Get Gravity Member

Standard License 1 Site
  • $49
  • Automatically Add Customers to Wishlist Member
  • Supports New or Existing Users
  • Prevents Existing Users from Checking Out for A Level They're Already a Member of
  • 1 Site Activation
  • Doesn't Support
    Gravity Forms Subscriptions
Pro License 3 Sites
  • $89
  • Automatically Add Customers to Wishlist Member
  • Supports New or Existing Users
  • Prevents Users from Adding Levels They're Already Members of
  • Up to 3 Site Activations
  • Supports Gravity Forms Subscriptions
Developer License Unlimited Sites
  • $129
  • Automatically Add Customers to Wishlist Member
  • Supports New or Existing Users
  • Prevents Existing Users from Checking Out for A Level They're Already a Member of
  • Unlimited Site Activations
  • Supports Gravity Forms Subscriptions

Seem Expensive?

Let’s say your programmer charges you $60/hour (which is on the low end for a good WordPress plugin developer who’s effective at integrations). Gravity Member only needs to save you 2 hours of development time for a complex project like this that would take countless hours. Ultimately, go Gravity Member and your business plan has already paid for itself.

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