Webflow – PayPal – Connector

Unifying Digital Creation with Seamless Integration.
This innovative connector seamlessly integrates Webflow with Clover, allowing businesses to effortlessly synchronize their online storefront with their retail POS system. Enhance your e-commerce capabilities, manage inventory more efficiently, and provide a unified shopping experience for customers by leveraging the best of web design and in-store sales through this powerful tool.


Real-Time Payment Processing

Real-time payment processing enables instant transactions, ensuring funds transfer between accounts seamlessly and without delay. This technology supports 24/7 operations, improving cash flow efficiency for businesses and providing immediate financial accessibility for consumers. It revolutionizes traditional banking delays, offering a more dynamic and responsive financial ecosystem.

Customizable Checkout Experience

The Customizable Checkout Experience feature allows businesses to tailor the checkout process to their specific needs and preferences. This adaptive tool enhances user engagement by enabling various payment options, layout modifications, and personalized elements, ensuring a smooth transaction journey that aligns with brand identity and customer expectations.

Secure Transaction Encryption Technology

Secure Transaction Encryption Technology ensures the utmost protection for digital transactions. By employing advanced encryption algorithms, it safeguards sensitive information against unauthorized access during transmission. This technology is integral for maintaining confidentiality and integrity, providing users with peace of mind in their online financial activities.



$99 /per year

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Frequently asked questions

To integrate PayPal with your Webflow website using the PayPal Connector, follow these steps: 1. Log in to your Webflow account and navigate to your project dashboard. 2. Select the ‘Ecommerce’ tab and then click on ‘Settings’. 3. In the Payments section, look for PayPal or payment gateways options. 4. Choose ‘PayPal Connector’ from the list of available payment methods. 5. You will be prompted to log in to your PayPal account; do so to authorize the connection between Webflow and PayPal. 6. Follow any additional instructions provided by Webflow during this process, such as specifying which types of transactions (e.g., sales, donations) you’ll be accepting or configuring tax and shipping settings if necessary. 7. Once authorized, customize your checkout experience within Webflow’s ecommerce settings as needed. 8. Test the integration by setting up a test product and completing a purchase through your site. Ensure that both your Webflow and PayPal accounts are set up correctly with all necessary information filled out before attempting this integration for a seamless setup process.
Webflow – PayPal Connector charges a standard transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for each payment received through the connector. These fees are in line with PayPal’s standard charges for online transactions. Please note that international transactions may incur additional fees, and currency conversion rates set by PayPal will apply. Always refer to the latest information on both Webflow and PayPal’s websites to ensure you have the most current details regarding fees and charges.
Yes, you can set up recurring payments with the Webflow – PayPal Connector by following these steps: 1. Navigate to your Webflow dashboard and select the project where you want to enable recurring payments. 2. Go to your eCommerce settings and choose ‘Payments.’ 3. From the list of payment gateways, select PayPal and ensure it’s correctly linked with your account. 4. Within PayPal’s settings on Webflow, look for the option labeled “Subscription Payments” or similar terminology based on updates. 5. Follow the guided setup to define your subscription products including pricing, billing cycles (e.g., monthly, yearly), and any trial periods if applicable. 6. Once configured, apply these subscription options to relevant products within your Webflow eCommerce site. It is essential that both your PayPal business account supports recurring payments and you’ve also complied with all necessary legal requirements for offering subscriptions in your jurisdiction. Always ensure that customers are fully informed about the nature of their subscriptions including duration, billing frequency, cancellation policy, etc., as transparency will help minimize disputes and chargebacks. For detailed guidance or if facing any issues during setup, refer directly to both Webflow’s support documentation and PayPal’s merchant help resources for comprehensive instructions tailored specifically towards managing recurrent billing through their systems.