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Automatic Airbnb background checks for guests to meet compliance and bring peace of mind
This innovative solution automates background checks for Airbnb and VRBO, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. By streamlining the verification process, hosts can efficiently screen potential guests, enhancing safety and security. This tool offers unparalleled peace of mind by mitigating risks associated with short-term rentals.


Automated Guest Background Checks

Automated guest background checks streamline the process of verifying individuals' identities and assessing potential risks. This feature employs advanced algorithms to analyze data across various databases, ensuring hosts can confidently welcome guests by minimizing security concerns and enhancing safety protocols efficiently without manual intervention. Essential for hospitality services prioritizing trust and reliability.

Sex Offender Checks for Local Compliance

Ensure community safety and regulatory compliance with our comprehensive Sex Offender Checks service. Designed for Airbnb and VRBO hosts who need to satisfy local legal requirements as apart of their hosting license, this tool diligently verifies individual backgrounds against national sex offender registries, providing peace of mind and protecting vulnerable populations. A crucial step in safeguarding communal spaces and maintaining a secure environment.

Access and Retain Guest Background Documents via the Cloud

This feature enables users to securely access and retain guest background documents through cloud storage, allowing for efficient management and retrieval. It ensures data privacy while offering the convenience of remote access from any device, streamlining the process of handling essential information with ease and reliability.

Personal ID Verification

Introducing Personal ID Verification, a cutting-edge feature ensuring heightened security and authenticity in your interactions. With this innovative system, your guests' State ID or Driver's License numbers undergo rigorous scrutiny, meticulously verified by our advanced algorithms to authenticate their validity. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to peace of mind as our technology safeguards your processes with precision and efficiency. Trust, security, and seamless experiences await with Personal ID Verification.


Simple Pricing

$10 / Background Check

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Frequently asked questions

The process is simple: 1. Create a scheduled message in Airbnb (or VRBO) to be sent to a guest when a new booking is confirmed and include your unique shortened host link that we will provide you. This message and link will then go out to each guest automatically, requesting them to click the link to start the background check process. 2. Your guest will simply enter their full name and date of birth into our system, where we will conduct checks against public records and other sources to identify any past criminal activity or sex offender history, which may pose a risk to you as a host. 3. The guest’s background check documents will be emailed to you immediately after or be uploaded to your cloud storage service (Google Drive or Dropbox), where they can be reviewed by you or be available if needed, as per local ordinances. It’s important to note that the scope of these checks can vary by region due to local laws and regulations regarding data privacy. Guests are not required to submit additional information specifically for the background check; however, they must ensure their profile details are accurate and up-to-date to avoid any disruptions in booking reservations.
Yes indeed. We built Guest Vetted Pro to assist with various new short term rental licensing requirements implemented throughout the US, including Arizona, California, and other states. Related: Gila County, Arizona’s new short term rental ordinance
We prioritize the privacy and security of all guest information throughout our background check process. To this end, we implement several measures including: 1. **Data Encryption**: All sensitive data is encrypted using advanced encryption methods both in transit and at rest to prevent unauthorized access. 2. **Access Controls**: Access to personal information is strictly limited to authorized personnel who have undergone rigorous security training and are required to follow strict data protection protocols. 3. **Anonymization Techniques**: Wherever possible, we employ data anonymization techniques to ensure that individual identities cannot be traced from the information processed during background checks. By implementing these strategies, we maintain a high standard of privacy and security for all guest information handled during the background check process.