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    It is easy and fast to collect testimonials from your clients! First you learn how to create a submission form. Once a visitor, client or a customer leaves a testimonial through the submission form on a page or post on your WordPress site, you can fetch them and display them right where it should be. Other option is to add this Testimonial on a new post/page using the “Insert Testimonial” button (Steps on this link).  This will add valuable and enticing feedback for the entire site or for that post. To do that, here’s a step by step walk-through.

    • Log in to your WordPress dashboard using admin access, then go to “Testimonials > All Testimonials” (#1 on the Screenshot). You can click on the date to bring up the latest Testimonials (#2 on the Screenshot). They’re still categorized as “Draft”.
    • Take note or copy the Shortcode for each new “Testimonials”.Testimonials
    • Next, go to the post or page where the testimonial was given by your customer or client and Edit it.
    • Paste the Shortcode you’ve copied earlier. Make sure to copy and paste the correct Shortcode as indicated by “id number” (#1 on the Screenshot below).
    • Preview the post or Page and hit Update to save the changes and display the Testimonial (#2 on the Screenshot below).
    • Testimonials1
    • This is how it looks like.Testimonials2




    • If you would like to edit the Testimonial first, it can be done through Testimonials > All Testimonials > Select the Testimonial you want to change and click “Edit”.
    • If you have created a page with the “list testimonials” or “rotate testimonials” features, recently published testimonials will automatically be added to the page of listed/rotated testimonials.
    • List Testimonials and Rotate Testimonial features are discussed on these KB links.  ♦ List Testimonials  ♦ Rotate Testimonials
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