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    By using Handsome Testimonials plugin, you can add a new testimonial with the following simple steps:


    add new


    • You will see this screen below. Just start filling in the details; simple as that!



    • In the “Name of Testifier” field, add the name of person.
    • You can also add a featured image in the “Testimonial Image” section.
    • Fill in Testifier’s title, position or location.
    • You can also add a URL to testifier’s website.
    • In the text box below, you can add the testimonial text/description.
    • You can also choose a category for the testimonial.

    Now click “Save Draft” or “Schedule the post” or directly “Publish” it.

    Adding a wordpress testimonial to your website has never been simpler than that. You can easily create a widget or install advanced settings to make it work better. Work on your testimonials to get a better output for your website!

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