Email Marketing Automation for WooCommerce

We’ve been using WooCommerce in our online businesses for the past 5 years, selling everything including dental equipment, stationary, and  online memberships.

WooCommerce turns out to be our favorite platform for selling both physical and digital products due to its immense flexibility, scalability, and our favorite . . . . add-ons!

SiteMagic was a small project we started to see how we could improve our marketing automation efforts within our businesses. We found that while there were a lot of plugins for WooCommerce out there, there was very little out there addressing the marketing needs of sophisticated shopowners. Thus SiteMagic was born out of a desire to empower ecommerce store owners to kill multiple birds with one stone.

We’ve built a powerful platform that works in orchestra to accomplish automation for your e-commerce store in order to help you make more money and scale your business. We like it so far, and hope you do to!


Make SiteMagic more powerful with add-ons

Extend SiteMagic’s functionality with official and 3rd-party add-ons

Delayed Actions

Send time delayed automated emails to customers to encourage a sale or to thank them for their purchase

Review Requests

Request a review from customers by sending them an automated personalized email with a direct link to leave a review for the product they purchased

Unique Customer Coupons

Award customers discounts via coupons based upon a number of criteria including Elite Customer status, specific products purchased, etc.

Add to Mailing List

Easily add new customers to your Mailing List upon checkout, order completion, or based upon any event in your WooCommerce sales process

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