Magento to Salesforce Integrator

Our Magento and Salesforce Integrator is perfect solution to synchronize your Magento store with the powerful Salesforce customer relationship management system.

Send Vital Magento Customer Information to SalesForce So You Can Make Better Decisions and Sell More!

Sending Magento Data to Saleforce Lets You . . .

  • Setup automations to in Salesforce to sell similar products to customers to what they’ve already purchased
  • Improve customer service and support
  • Manage RMA (return merchandise authorization)
  • Create informative reports and dashboards

Sync All Vital Customer and Product Data:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Shipping information

Send Product Info from Magento to Salesforce

  • Send product name, details and stocks, custom fields
  • Optionally send information whenever new product created or updated

Send Customer Info from Magento to Salesforce

  • Send customer data whenever new customers signup on your store or if they update their account
  • Send customer info from Magento to various parts of SalesForce simultaneously

Send Order Info from Magento to Salesforce

  • Send new orders from Magento to Salesforce whenever new orders are created
  • Send order updates to Salesforce automatically
  • Send order info to different aspects of Salesforce

Trigger Campaign Automations in Salesforce to Whens Something Happens in Magento

  • Send promotion data in catalog price rules from Magento to Salesforce
  • Send campaign rule name, starting date, ending date, discount value
  • Send rules in Magento to SalesForce Campaign module

Choose Automatic or Manual Syncing

Magento to Salesforce Integrator can be setup to automatically sync your data from Magento to Salesforce in a few different ways. One is automatic, meaning that anytime a product is viewed on your site but a visitor, it will trigger our extension to  make sure if there are any updates that need to be synced. This method is super easy to setup, but for high traffic stores, can degrade performance

To improve performance, we also offer the CRON method which takes a little more effort to setup but can schedule the sync to happen periodically as often as you like. You can set the extension to synchronize every 10 minutes or every 3 days if you’d like.

Manually Sync Each Magento Item


View syncing reports

  • View a full report, showing specific data synced successfully and any items that failed in your Magento admin area
  • Get a daily or weekly email report send to you displaying the full sync report

Full list of features:

  • Sync from over 500 fields in Magento 2
  • Sync to over 500 fields in Salesforce CRM
  • Sync product data
  • Sync customer data
  • Sync order data
  • Sync price rule data
  • Trigger Salesforce email campaigns to customers
  • Field mapping
  • Automatic, periodic, and manual sync options
  • Email syncing reports

Get Magento to Salesforce Integrator

  • Price: $199.00