Magento to Infusionsoft Connector

Infusionsoft is powerful, but it’s shopping cart feature isn’t ideal for large ecommerce companies that require a more robust e-commerce cart system such as Magento, capable of managing and processing thousands of products simultanously.

How do you combine the raw power of Magento with the intelligent automatons of Infusionsoft? Easy!

Our extension Sends Order Info to Infusionsoft Automatically

Using our Magento extension, you can magically send all of your order information, including the following:

  • Customer Data
  • Products Purchased
  • Magento Product Categories
  • Order Total
All of this happens automatically upon a new checkout by your customers and can run in the background of your site as often as you’d like to make sure your Infusionsoft automations run smoothly.

Translate Magento Product Categories to Infusionsoft Tags

Want to make sure a product category from Magento registers as an Infusionsoft tag upon a new checkout? No problem, our extension will do so and create new tags in Infusionsoft for Magento product categories that have not yet been created.

Import Order Details As Often As You Need

Our Magento extension can run after every order checkout or have it sync every hour or every data, depending upon your preferences and needs.


Start Infusionsoft Campaigns On Checkout

Trigger one of your Infusionsoft automations to send an automated campaign to your customer, perhaps to encourage them to view another similar product to what they’ve purchased. With the power of Infusionsoft in combination with our Magento extension, this becomes a breeze!
  • Price: $299.00