Gravity Memberships

The Ridiculously Easy Plugin for Creating a Simple but Robust Membership Site, Built on top of Gravity Forms


Using big, bulky membership plugins just to protect a few pages and posts is time intensive, tedious, and overly complex.

Many people just want to create a simple WordPress membership site. Many people love the power of Gravity Forms.

Highly customizable registrations

Gravity Forms offers one of the best looking and most customizable checkout forms, including a ton of great add ons to improve your checkout automations.


With Gravity Memberships we’ve set out to create a dead simple membership plugin, something that you can set up in minutes, instead of days, all without having to sacrifice the awesome features you need to make things work right.

Simple but effective

You canadd simple but effective membership capabilities in order to protect member-only content to your paying customers, with only a few clicks.


Select which Membership Level a Page or Post will Enforce

Just go to the Page or Post you want to protect, and choose which level you want to enforce.

No spending hours trying to configure complex membership plugin rules and roles!

Plus! Protect Content in Bulk Too

Protect multiple pieces of content in a click by protecting categories or tags for an unlimited number of posts and other content types

Protect your entire blog all at once without ever having to go back to manually protect each post

Use Gravity Forms' Robust Checkout & Registration

Rely completely on Gravity Forms as a registration system for one-time or recurring memberships or courses while providing powerful membership functionality to your site

Consider All the Incredible Checkout Features of Gravity Forms:

  • Built-in support for Stripe, PayPal, and
  • One Time and Recurring Subscription Payments
  • Simultaneously Register New WordPress Users
  • Simultaneously Add Members to Email List (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Emma, GetResponse, and more!)
  • Add New Members to your CRM (Agile CRM, Capsule CRM)
  • Support for Coupons
  • Start Workflows after New Signups using Trello and Slack

Protect Any Custom Post Type

Protect any custom post type either individually or apply bulk protection to the entire custom post type through category and tag protections

Any and all 3rd party plugins’ custom content types are compatible for protection

Choose which custom post types to allow protection for

Simple Member Management

Gravity Memberships provides a Simple Member Management Screen where you can see all your members, which levels they are apart of, when they signed up and add or remove members from various membership levels

Users are automatically removed from associated non-course content if a user’s course subscription fails (due to failed payment) or their course expires after a set period of time

Protected Membership Levels Provide Links to Purchase

Choose to display a list of the membership levels associated with the protected content when a non-member tries to access the post or page

Alternatively, present a list of courses hyperlinked to the “Custom Button URL” field in the Gravity Membership’s Level setting so that non-members can easily purchase the course associated with that protect content

Simple Membership Level Setup

Easily create new Gravity Memberships levels and manage existing ones seconds after installing the plugin. Choose between levels that take one time payments or ones that are recurring subscriptions (as well as free plans).

With Gravity Memberships, members can be subscribed to multiple memberships at once.

Performance Focused and Light-Weight

Won’t drag your site’s performance down like other bulky and bloated membership plugins, which are tailored for complex membership scenarios

Keep your database and codebase clean and efficient!