Gravity Forms Direct Coupon Links

Easily Generate Direct Coupon URLs to Send to Your Customers So They Don’t Have to Enter a Coupon Code


Dynamically Populate any Coupon Code Field

As you may be aware, Gravity Forms out-of-the-box does not support dynamic population of coupon codes using URL arguments.

Gravity Forms Direct Coupon Links solves this problem, allowing you to create direct coupon links like the following:

Choose to Display or Hide Coupon Fields

After creating your coupon code and associated Direct Coupon URL, you have the option to either display or hide the coupon code. If hidden, the Total form value will automatically show the reduced price.

Setup in a Snap!

  1. Add a Gravity Forms Coupon field to your form
  2. Create a Coupon Field as per Gravity Forms Coupon Add-on documentation
  3. Create a Populate Coupons feed for your form and select your coupon field
  4. Enter the URL parameter argument you’d like to use to dynamically populate your coupon field
    (ex: couponcode=WLSDI)
  5. Create your new link:

No Longer for Sale

As of May 2020, Gravity Forms Coupon addon supports dynamic population, so there’s no need for this plugin going forward.

Change Log

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