Abandoned Cart Hero for Gravity Forms

Recover Lost Sales from Gravity Forms Abandoned Cart with Our Smart Abandoned Cart Email Solution

Why Cart Recovery Hero?

Abandoned Cart Hero is everything a smart cart recovery plugin should be. It’s a smart, dynamic, and powerful partner that helps you generate revenue with your Gravity Forms checkout form which would otherwise have been lost, automatically.


67.91% of carts are abandoned before completion, recovering just part of that is a no-brainer for revenue increase.


Pre-written Emails to Get You Up and Running Fast

Our plugin comes with a 3 part email series (that you can modify) so you can get started recovering Gravity Forms abandoned carts as quickly as possible. These emails alone will help you boost revenue if you want to just leave it as is. Or take it a step further and use our advanced features.

Personalize Emails

Personalize the subject lines to match your branding and increase open rates


Dynamic Content

You can add dynamic content to your emails. A great way to use this is to display photos and links of items the recipient was shopping for – it can help remind them why the wanted your product in the first place.

Add or delete emails to your abandoned cart series

Do you want a shorter or longer sequence to be sent out to the shoppers? It’s easy with our plugin.

Personalized coupon codes

If somewhere in the sequence you want to send out a unique coupon code to recover even more Gravity Forms abandoned cart, you can do that.

Abandoned Cart Email Hero-7-Cart Repopulation-new

Cart repopulation across devices

When the link to their cart in an email is clicked, the shopper’s cart is automatically regenerated across devices. This takes away the need of having to add each item back to their cart which is cumbersome. It also makes it easy for someone to browse on their phone and checkout on their computer, or vice versa.

Captures customer’s name and email address as soon as it’s entered

This means we can email anyone who entered their email address during the checkout process, not just those who abandoned the cart at the very end.