Easy Digital Downloads Wishlist Member Connector

EDD Checkout -> Wishlist Member Integration

Combine the Simplest WordPress Digital Downloads Checkout with
the Most Membership Plugin

EDD Wishlist Member Connector is a WordPress Plugin that we made to integrate Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and Wishlist Member. Using EDD for your checkout process, EDD Wishlist Member Connector automatically assigns your new customer to your desired Wishlist Member level, saving you from doing this process manually and leading you to make more money.

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Member Registration The Easy Way

We know. Wishlist Member is still the gold standard for membership websites, but its checkout process lacks flexibility and is just plain outdated. Easy Digital Downloads on the other hand is the way of the future, allowing you to easily display all of your membership levels in a beautiful grid format and allow customers to checkout using any number of payment processors. It also includes a ton of great add ons like Stripe & PayPal Pro).

EDD Wishlist Member Connector lets you take full advantage of all the versatility of Easy Digital Downloads and signup your new members instantly into the Wishlist Member level of your choosing. Remove the human element of this process and save yourself time, money, and hassle.

Connect EDD to Wishlist in a Snap

EDD Wishlist Member Connector works similar to most other EDD Addons so everything’s all very expected in terms of interface. After activating the plugin, you’ll simply go into a EDD Download and select which Wishlist Member level you want to connect that Download to. It’s that simple!



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Super Simple Configuration

EDD Wishlist Member Connector automatically presents all the necessary Wishlist Member information into your EDD Download, saving you time and making configuration a quick and easy!

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