Guest Background check – Does Vrbo Conduct Background Checks on Guests?

Background checks are crucial to safeguarding oneself against problematic visitors who could harm your property, investment, reputation, and ties to the neighborhood. Without a thorough inspection, you run the chance of welcoming a troublesome guest into your house, which might lead to anything from crazy parties to drug usage to damaged fixtures and furniture to structural issues.

Given the risks associated with renting out your property to strangers, several online travel companies, like Airbnb, perform basic background checks on prospective guests. What about Vrbo? Does VRBO run guest background checks on visitors to protect hosts and their properties? Let’s find out

What is Vrbo

Vrbo, short for “Vacation Rentals by Owner,” is an online marketplace that connects homeowners with travelers who want something different from the usual hotel stay. With over 2 million properties available around the world, Vrbo offers a wide range of options, from condos and cabins to lake houses and beach homes. It’s perfect for families and large groups, giving them plenty of space and comfort, often with essential amenities, all within budget. By allowing direct bookings between owners and guests, Vrbo creates a personalized and secure rental experience

Guest Background Check

What is a background check?

A background check involves verifying that someone is trustworthy and who they claim to be. This process involves examining various records and sources of information to assess the person’s history and credibility. Conducting background checks on guests may entail confirming their picture ID, checking their criminal history, and determining whether their name is on any wanted or watch lists.

This process is crucial as it helps property owners and managers assess potential risks associated with hosting individuals they may not know personally. By conducting thorough and well-managed guest background checks, hosts can identify problematic guests before they pose any potential harm to their business, property, or community.

Why is a guest background Check Important?

Screening through guest background checks provides vacation rental owners and property managers with essential wisdom to evaluate the risks involved in allowing someone into their homes. Predicting who might turn out to be a problematic guest can be challenging without this information. Therefore, a comprehensive background check serves as a preventive measure against careless, harmful, or illegal behavior that could jeopardize the property’s integrity and the host’s reputation. Furthermore, these checks offer peace of mind and ensure compliance with local regulations, thereby fostering a safer and more secure environment for both hosts and guests.

Does Vrbo Do Background Checks?

Guest Background Checks

Yes, Vrbo employs a robust guest screening process that includes basic guest background checks when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of both guests and hosts,

This process is designed to verify the identity of guests and detect any fraudulent user accounts. To understand how they do this, it is important to examine their guest screening process.

Understanding the VRBO Guest Screening Process

This process plays a crucial role in ensuring that all users on the platform can confidently engage in rental transactions with peace of mind.

  1. Initial Information Collection

VRBO’s guest screening process begins when a potential guest signs up on the platform

When guests sign up on VRBO, they are required to provide personal information, including their address and full name, email address, cell phone number, date of birth, and physical address. This initial step is crucial for establishing a trustworthy environment for both guests and hosts. During the signup process, VRBO ensures that guests are aware of the necessity to provide accurate information and reminds them of this requirement when they make a booking request.

  1. Verification of Information

Once the necessary information is submitted, VRBO undertakes a verification process to check the accuracy and validity of the details provided. This process is designed to confirm the guest’s identity and prevent fraudulent activities. VRBO may use various techniques and databases to cross-check the information, ensuring that it aligns with reliable sources.

  1. Issuance of the “Verified Identity” Badge

After successfully verifying the information, VRBO grants the guest a “Verified Identity” badge. This badge serves as a visible indicator that the guest’s identity has been authenticated by VRBO. For hosts, seeing this badge provides reassurance that the guest has undergone a screening process and meets VRBO’s standards for trust and reliability.

Importance of the “Verified Identity” Badge

The “Verified Identity” badge carries significant weight in the VRBO community. It signifies that the guest has taken steps to verify their identity and provides hosts with confidence in accepting booking requests. This badge helps streamline the booking process by reducing uncertainty and fostering a safer rental environment.

How long does the guest screening and Verification process take?

The VRBO guest screening process duration can differ. Generally, it is designed to be quick and efficient, often taking just a few minutes to a day to complete once the guest provides all the required information. However, in some cases, the process may take longer if there are discrepancies or additional checks are needed to verify the information provided by the guest. Overall, VRBO aims to complete the verification process promptly to ensure guests can proceed with their bookings without significant delays.

Does Vrbo have a party policy?

There is a no-party policy on Vrbo for every listing.

Parties and events are not permitted in any of Vrbo’s listed houses unless the host specifically permits it. Parties hosted by guests without permission are against Vrbo’s terms and regulations.

The platform encourages reports of violations from property managers. It is important to note that not all visitors will keep to the policy just because it is in place. It’s better to prevent problems than to deal with the fallout after a party, and screening guests can help you lower your chance of entertaining disruptive guests.

Penalties for this could include losing the security deposit, being kicked off the property, or even being banned from the platform.

Our Solution: Automated Airbnb Criminal Background Checks

While VRBO’s background check offer some security, they may not be comprehensive enough to ensure complete safety and peace of mind. This is where our new automated Airbnb criminal background checks come in as a robust solution. Our innovative tool automates the background check process, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations while providing unparalleled peace of mind by mitigating risks associated with short-term rentals.

Our automated Airbnb criminal background checks streamline the verification process using advanced algorithms to analyze data across various databases. This feature employs sophisticated techniques to verify identities, assess potential risks, and provide comprehensive reports that are immediately accessible. By incorporating our automated checks, hosts can efficiently screen potential guests, enhancing safety and security without manual intervention.

Guest Background Checks

By leveraging our automated Airbnb criminal background checks, VRBO hosts can significantly enhance their guest screening process. This additional layer of security helps hosts make more informed decisions, ensuring a safer and more reliable rental experience. With our solution, you can trust that your property and your peace of mind are well-protected.


In conclusion, VRBO does perform basic background checks as part of its guest screening process. This includes verifying the personal information provided by guests and checking for fraudulent accounts. While VRBO’s screening process is thorough in terms of identity verification and fraud prevention, it may not be as extensive as some hosts might prefer.

For further insight into how effective VRBO’s guest background check is, see our detailed article on whether VRBO’s guest background check is enough here.

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