WordPress Testimonial Rotators: Which One’s the Best and How to Set Up

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Let’s admit it. WordPress testimonial plugins are a must to garner customer recognition in the middle of an explosive e-commerce market. Now that we have recognised their importance and discussed their basic features, it is time to dig deeper. For instance, WordPress testimonial rotators are a great way to customize and display customer testimonials in [...]

Why Testimonials Are So Important to Growing Your Business

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As a new marketer in the middle of an enormous online and e-commerce revolution, it is fairly easy to get lost in the crowd. Your assumption about measuring the customer engagement level might be itself flawed. Instead of using WordPress testimonial plugin to emphasize on customer experience, you might be simply relying on tracking article [...]

5 Best Places to Insert Customer Testimonials in WordPress

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It’s no more a corporate jargon when you say “Customers are king”. In particular, this is inevitable for online businesses. In this topic we mostly focus on how to make the best use of your WordPress testimonial plugin and strategically highlight the testimonials to increase website traffic and generate leads. Worrying about the fact that you have [...]

5 Ways to Get Testimonial Submissions from Your Customers

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Let's face the reality!  Trust has become the currency of online businesses, particularly those dealing with services. When you are the owner of a business, you know the importance of online reputation. Customer testimonial and user generated content have become crucial promotional tools for any modern day business. It is true for both brick and mortar stores and online platforms. [...]